My Future

My Future


Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My family have been in the business of transportation/shipping  for two generations before my time, firstly with my father's father and then my father for the last 45 years(up until Novemebr 2013).

But, unfortunatly we have been through several hard times since 26th of June 2012, where on this day my mother took her own life in our home were I unfortuantly found her to late to save her life. This for myself was obviously and still is hard to deal with and to accept but after a month had passed I thought to myself I can not let this ruin everything she had done for my future and with taking on her key persons roles with in the family business, I reflected from what had happend in the most positive way I could, by not letting everything she and my father had wroked hard for to estabish the bussiness further for my future and future generations.

We were very successful for just under 18 months following that horrible day until we were then hit with another tramatic time on the 26th Novemeber 2013 were my father was involved in a horriffc road traffic accident leaving him in accoma on life support in an ICU in John Radcliffe Hospital (Oxford) figthing for his life with sever head injuries, loosing his right eye and extensive damage to his left, a fracture neck and lower spin, collapsed lungs, tear on his aorta artery and broken ribs and thumbs. This for me was harder in other ways to loosing my mother as I had to see him in a horrible state with all of those injuries and deal with the fear of not knowing if I was loosing him, and the stress of not knowing if I would now be loosing a parent by having there life taken from them through choice rather than not wanting to live anymore. But after no sleep for weeks on end, consitant axniety of how I was going to handle the situation and much prayer on the Christmas eve of 2013 the doctors caring for him were able to start bringing him out of acomma and at the time I was back at our family home in West Wales so I rushed there straight after recieving the phone call and sat with him for 4 days until he was fully awake and to witness wether he was paralysed in any way. Thankfully he had feeling through his body but had to stay in a speacial frame bed to secure his posisitong for 6 weeks to ensure repair to his neck and spine to avoid damage being done to his spinal cord the a few more weeks of re-halbitation of his muscles etc I was able to bring him home which was an amazing relief on that day were I realised at that point what had just happend and that I had not lost him.

Then since then I have been caring for him full time and he has gone though further surgery and hospital visits and has managed to regain sight in his left eye and a nice new plastic eye in his right eye socket to give his appearance confidence and become very mobile giving him some independance which has been such a relief.

Now to explain were I ask for your help in putting our lives back on track. As you can imagine the finacial impact following the 2nd truama event and with having to become a full time carer for my father I had no choice but to cease trading with our family business and which then has resulted in living on a very tight income, putting our home at great risk which has been a horrible experience to deal and has but me in a situatuin of no control. So, I am asking for help to rasie funds to re-start our fanimly business to enable me to establish control again and make the best future for myself I possibly can so I can get married and have my own family and alos give my father the securtiy and most enjoyment he can possibly have for the rest of his life. If you wish to help me do this then I thank you now and would like to say that you will give me a new lease of life to live the dream of continuing the business for future generations.