My first home

My first home

The funds raised here go towards purchasing a home for my family.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi I'm Jay.

I live in Guyana, which is in south America a neighbor of Brazil. I started this campaign to help me raise my deposit so the bank will provide with the loan to purchase my home. I am 28 years old and I'm also employed but I still have some challenges. Guyana is a beautiful country but economically it very order for the bank to approve my loan i have to have 25% of the cost of the home in cash. that 25% is 3mil gy dollars 15,000us. minimum wage here is 50,000gy per month (250.00)us factor in rent and all other basic bills its extremely hard to meet my goal. this campaign is to raise 3mil (15,000us).

it's extremely hard to ask for help.

anything, no matter how small is greatly appreciated.