My Eyes See Diversity

by Yana Binaev in London, England, United Kingdom

My Eyes See Diversity
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This is a debut exhibition of the project My Eyes See Diversity. The project aims to raise awareness towards social diversity and equality.

by Yana Binaev in London, England, United Kingdom

My Eyes See Diversity (MESD) was born as a result of a lifelong strong will to express the love and passion for boldness, colors, self-expression and the lack of fear to stand out in people.  Behind the project stands the Russian born- Israeli raised author of the project, Yana Binaev.  From observing people and societies for many years, while growing up in a non-diverse environment, to further living in different countries and deeply integrating into different cultures. MESD was born as a result and it is a scream towards the awakening of more people to social awareness and celebration of what her eyes see- Diversity. 

All portraits are presented with short poetry and storytelling. 

I love people who dare, I love people who stand out. I love people who have the colours of their soul shouting out. We are constantly oppressed. Oppressed to fit, oppressed to be normal. We were born to love and be free. Not to be normal.

My Eyes See Diversity was created by a strong motivation to spread out to the world the beauty of Diversity and drive people to be able to open their eyes and minds towards a wider perspective of love and equality and a more open thinking society. Driving people towards becoming more open and less judgmental to those who stand out, whether it is because of their skin color, the complexion of the tone, hair structure or style. As John Lennon said, “Don’t hate what you don’t understand”. MESD was born as a result of love to humanity, to all races, and from a strong will to show how equally beautiful we all are. Black, white or brown and it is a deep manifesto of love toward the variety of faces there are in society and a desperate scream towards a more equal and free society.

It is now coming to life through an exhibition and a short documentary film and MESD needs your help and support.

This portrait exhibition will take place in Shoreditch and will start with an opening evening that will be followed by a 4 days length exhibition. 

The opening night will have live performances from local, East London based artists, a DJ set, and much more inspiration. 

This exhibition will not only give a strong voice to the celebration of diversity, inclusion, equality, and cultures but also is celebrating the creative people of our society, those to dare to stand out, those to carry their personality and voice everywhere they go and are not afraid to express it. 

In order to prepare the exhibition space and pay all necessary expenses, such as printing materials, the design of all exhibition space, renting a PA system to allow artists perform at the night, printing of flyers, t-shirts, and to make the planned concept come in to life,  we need to raise the necessary amount in a very short time.  

Additionally, the funding we receive will enable us to make it free to attend and offer free drinks and goodies at the event.

You can get in touch with us via email at
Instagram: @myeyesseediversity or @yanabinaev_


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