My Dual Citizenship: An American Expat Protest

My Dual Citizenship: An American Expat Protest

Help me protest the election of the tangerine demagogue that is Trump by attaining UK citizenship. Help me connect where he would destroy.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I moved to Scotland in May of 2004 to marry the love of my life and to build a future for myself. I soon applied, and received, indefinite leave to remain with the UK. Since then, this has been enough for me. It's permitted me the freedom to create a wonderful life here in Scotland, whilst maintaining my US citizenship.

However, the world is changing. I awoke last night from a nightmare that a tangerine demagogue had won the bid for the US presidency and I was terrified. Checking the polls, I was relieved to see that he was still behind, and so slept again. However, in the morning I woke to find my nightmare realised. Now, in the face of increased fear an isolationism promoted by Donald Trump, I despair for our collective future.

While he demolishes connections with the world with a casual word, I now wish to make one.

It is time for me to protest the foolishness of the American majority and make a connection, however small, where they would close doors. I want my British citizenship, and I need your help.

My indifference, my out apathy, ends today. Please help me make this small, personal protest possible. The funds you provide will help me pay for the various fees and additional costs associated with UK citizenship. Any unspent funds will be given to charity upon success of my application.

Thank you.