My broken car
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

About 2 months ago my car started having some issues and I couldn't afford all the repairs so I had to sell it and I brought a cheap run around. Within a couple of weeks it was clear that this car also had my issues so I scrapped it. I worked hard doing 3 jobs and saved enough to buy something a little nicer I went off to see it, I told the seller about what had happened with my last 2 cars We agreed a price and I brought the 3rd car It was noisy and when I asked was told it was just because it was a deisel After a couple of weeks I took it to my garage as was worried and they said I needed a new alternator £200 I was a little gutted but I just about got the money together and got it done The next day there was another problem I lost all power I took it back to the garage and they told me it needs a new turbo Then I was told there was a fault on the system but the dash fault had been cleared so I couldn't see a engine warning light It seems the seller knew what was going wrong and thought he would off load the car before it completely went I have been told a new turbo is around £800 I can't afford to repair but that means me not being able to get to my 2 jobs Without my jobs i will struggle to pay my mortgage and bills I work 2 jobs and don't claim anything and never ask for any help If anyone is willing to help I would be eternally grateful