my boxing journey

my boxing journey

my aim is to be a professional boxer by the end of 2017

We did it!

On 7th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 3 supporters in 56 days

all my life since being about 5 years old i wanted too box, my mum and step dad said it costs too much.growing up we lived a very basic life like of course we had our ups and downs and was around alot of demestic violence and seen things a young kid should not see.

when i was around 17-18 i went too prison for wounding with intent too in danger a life..... now that makes me sound a bad person but when you know the story of what happened it will make sense my victim kick my door off and attacked me so i defended my self,but what he didnt know was two of my friends was there...cut a long story short it didnt end well for him.

when i look back i should have just rung the police and got him done for breaking and entering but as a teenager you feel you have a reputation too keep  (silly i know!) anyways when i got relieced from prison me and my friend decide too go to brendan ingles gym on the bottom of newman road in wincobank!.

and from that day on i have not looked back ive been boxing now going on 7 years although some may thinkl i dont have the amatuar pedagree with only 18 fights and not the best of amatuar records just know this ive never been knocked out or had standing 8 count or even been knocked on the canvus and also i was a very fast learner, proving myself everyday and when i decided i wanted  to turn pro in 2015 i had a massive set back!.

growing up i never new my biological father,my mum never lied to me about anything and i used too ask my mum too describe my dad and she always told me but as you could imagine i was still unsure of what my dad would look like,

anyways in 2015 i build up the courage too try find my real dad only too find out he passeed away the year before my hole world got crushed and it sent me round the bend and the lack of emotional support from my sons mum coursed me too leave i knew she wasnt the one for me and although it was a negative a positive came out of it i got introduced too my brothers and sisters from leeds,boxing fans will be formiliar with my dad he was a tough journey man from leeds his boxing name was MARVIN OBRIEN you will remember him from when he took jason mathews the hole 6 rounds when jason mathews was destroying many oponents,although my dad lost on a shut out vitory my dad showed he had a very good chin and was very tricky i order to survive.

the thing is he never lived the boxing life style after that fight he probs would have gone out for a fag and on a night out with the lads now the toughness side i got from my dad but with me living the boxing life style and learning from brendad ingle there is nothing stopping me from being great!.

the only thing that has stopped me turning pro is the fact that i dont have the  funds to do so as i need money for laser eye surgary wich for my perscriction will cost around a thousand per eye but then theres my medical and also my brain scan wich i know i will pass with flying colours becuase the art of boxing is too hit and not get hit and brendan has taught me well.

just recently brendan adviced me to join ryan rhodes gym @26rrfitness where now ive been working on my fitness and core work and now im seeing massive improvements in my physical strengh and off course we have our set days dedicated too sparring and know im 100% confident in my abilities and have now grown obsessed with turning pro i know i was born to do this its in my blood please get behind me and help me on my journey.

im going to set and incentive for the person that donates the most throughout you helping me build my target will get ring side seats to everyone off my fights and will get to watch my journey ringside

thanyou peace and blessings the only way is up for me ive been at the bottom all my life bout time i make a name for myself and get some well deserved financial support behind me for my son.

 a link too a recent spar i had 16 rounds of technical sparring in @26rrfitness with @c1thegoodfella

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