'My best friend for 56 years'

'My best friend for 56 years'

Whilst waiting for results in hospital my Nan calls my Grandad at 2am...."Hi Ted, I need to ask you something......will you marry me again?"

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

It all started in 1960, the perfect wedding with a ring costing just £5.

Rose and Ted have been by each others side for the past 57 years. Working alongside each other, raising 2 children, 3 granchildren and a great-granpuppy, my Nan and Grandad are a fairytale team. 

One week ago Nan lost the use of her leg and arm, after being admitted to hospital, a week went by where we believed she had suffered a stroke. Not being one for laying about she has gained some use in her leg and can manage to hold a phone with her 'naughty' arm already!

Whilst practising with the phone she decided, at 2am, to call my Grandad as she had something really important to ask him..."Hi Ted.... Will you marry me again?" After a pause of disbelief Grandad responded "A million times, Yes!"

Although Nans mobility was on the up, we were still unaware of the cause and were waiting on a diagnosis from the consultants. Yesterday, the bomb dropped. My Nan, the strongest human being I know, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

We are now in the long process of waiting for the powers at be to get her home with us, I will keep this updated as we know more but at the moment we have no idea when.

My project now, however, is to give them the wedding they always wanted, She will have a church instead of a registry office, a 'real hat' she says. Not forgetting no better reason to have the wider family to come together for a wedding to be proud of, I am hoping you can be part of it too?

 We are looking to hire:

The Church - £400

Church Bells - £150

A dress for Nan/ Suit for Grandad - £200

Cake + Flowers - £100