My beloved dog's liver tumour treatment.

by Hazel Jones in Guildford, England, United Kingdom

My beloved dog's liver tumour treatment.


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Hi everyone,My beloved dog, Poppy, has a liver tumour which needs to be removed quickly.  She has the top insurance cover with Pet Plan (he...

by Hazel Jones in Guildford, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone,

My beloved dog, Poppy, has a liver tumour which needs to be removed quickly.  She has the top insurance cover with Pet Plan (her insurers), but they're limited to paying out £4k per year for ALL illnesses.  Poppy also has Cushing's Disease (a benign tumour on her pituitary gland on the brain), and her monthly medications, which I claim for, are very expensive.  Her currently policy year runs out on the 20th October, 2020.  I only have £1,834.54 left of cover to use, until that date.  I've contacted her Oncology Specialists today, and they estimate £2000 for a CT scan.  If necessary, an ultrasound scan.  If they do both it'll be £3,000.  The cost of her surgery and stay in hospital is approximately £4-6K.  So, I'm looking at a potential initial outlay of up to £9k.  This is without any potential chemotherapy, as they don't know yet if the tumour is either operable or malignant/benign.

I'm on benefits, due to awful mental-health issues, no savings, and I don't have any assets to sell.

For those of you who know me well, you'll know that I'm also a smoker.  I've already made an appointment with the Stop Smoking Nurse for this Tuesday, as this is obviously an unnecessary expense, and I want to do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure that Poppy gets the best possible care and treatment.

As any fellow pet-owner will know, this is a terribly distressing and worrying time for me, (and now I've got the additional blind panic about the financial situation, let alone being beside myself with worry that she's so poorly), and I can't bear the thought of having to euthanase Poppy because I can't afford her treatment.

She's my entire World, and my best, best friend EVER - a true one-off.

I know times are hard for everyone right now - those on benefits like me, those who've had their work/income affected by Covid-19, but I'm BEGGING you to please, please help us, in any you can, no matter how small.

I feel about one inch tall, asking for money from others, but I'm TRULY desperate  :-(.

She's booked-in for her procedures this Monday, 3rd August.

Thank you in advance for ANY help you can give us, and I hope, one day, to be in a position to 'give-back' to someone else's desperate cause.

Sincere, heartfelt thanks,

Hazel and Poppy Jones


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