Man Walks Into a Bar Tours will be the first pub crawl company in the paradise of Madeira Islands, catering for the younger tourist.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Man walks into a bar tours wil be the first pub crawl company in the paradise of Madeira Islands, catering for the younger tourist now discovering this idyllic destination, voted "Best Island Destination in the world" 2 years in a row by the world Travel Awards. 

The goal is to show them the amazing bars and clubs the island has to offer, as well as taking them on around the Island tours designed just for them. Levada Walks and flowers (both in abundance on the Islands) are great, but we all need a bit of fun sometimes, right?

Madeira has the perfect balance between relaxation and fun. This project will engage with the local bars and tour companies, removing the competitor factor, bringing clients to them, aiding the local economy and making the new guests arriving in Madeira feel like they are a part of the Island's community. 

Literally showing them what we are most famous for: hospitality.

This wil ensure a boost in the nightlife entertainment in Madeira, allowing local businesses to invest more in the tourist experience, engage with them, and make them fall in love with our friendly locals (anyone who has ever visited Madeira will know exactly what that means).

There are many beautiful places to visit all over the world, but what keeps us going back to a particular place are the people we meet. 

Our project will start with pub crawls in downtown Funchal and will then progress to around the island tours on double decker buses that will have been redesigned as party buses (DJ, bar, etc). Our friendly tour guides speak several languages and are the best link between a newcomer and the local crowd. There are already contacts in place with most businesses in Madeira and everyone is eagerly waiting for this project to start, as it will make a huge difference to their livelihood.

We have already secured several boat tours, yachts and accommodation around the Island for our guests. All of this will be done in conjunction with existing companies on the Islands. We will not be taking anything away from them, quite the contrary. This means that the support network is solid and will work together with us to ensure the success of Man Walks Into A Bar Tours.

The ultimate goal is for our guests (madeirans from abroad as we like to call them) to want to come back to this paradise, to make long lasting friendships, to exchange experiences with locals and promote their visit around the world amongst their families and friends.

 We will rely heavily on our excellent service and social media for the promotion of the business. Our guests wil be able to post their experiences on several platforms, including a blog which wil be created specifically for our guests to share their own experience with the world.

We will organise weekly parties at several locations around the islands for locals and visitors alike. These parties will happen in both land and sea (maybe up in the air at some point also). We already have a huge network in place with local tour operators, Hotels, Boat and Yacht owners to ensure they promote us to their guests.

Moving forward, we will adapt to the reality of the business and react accordingly to the market and trends.

We are looking for an investment of £20k which will allow us to recruit tour guides, create a strong online presence with social media and website, hire a creative team to keep us fresh and hip at all times. 

Below are a few examples of what our guests will get for their money:

Pub Crawls:

Each pub crawl will have 20 guests, each paying €50. This gives them a full tour of downtown Funchal's bars and clubs, with a free first drink and "dentinho" (local tradition...each drink served comes with a small snack) at each . They willl happen twice daily (2 separate tours with different routes and establishments) to begin with. We will be looking to expand to more than 2 tours in tandem and at different times each day.

Bus tours;

Each bus tour will have 50 guests, each paying €100. Again this gives them a tour of the island, with a free drink and snack at each stop and also on the bus.

Boat tours:

Depends on the size of the boat, but same pricing as the bus tours, with same benefits, albeit on board.