Subwaves Opening - new music hub in Eldon Square

by Subwaves Studios in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Subwaves Opening - new music hub in Eldon Square


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COVID-19 stopped our music hub opening on 1st May but now we are back and are launching on 10th August in Eldon Square to support music.

by Subwaves Studios in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We were due to open 1st May but due to Covid-19 we couldn't open, but now we have a new date for the opening of the brand new music studio in Eldon Square Newcastle providing music and community classes for all! 10th August sees the launch. 

We hope that all our friends, colleagues and clients past and present are staying safe and healthy at this time.

The New Studio and the idea

On the 10th August 2020 in Eldon Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne we are launching a 360 music creation space in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The centre opening will be for all ages and abilities from beginners who have never been involved in music to advanced creative practitioners who want to learn music and improve their skills as well as have some great fun along the way and collaborate with others. The all new music centre will offer a wide range of private music courses and one on one music lessons in various music disciplines including; guitar, singing and piano taught by qualified music teachers and will also play host to group singing and guitar classes encouraging community, diversity, equality, health and wellbeing.  The new centre will also have a recording studio kitted out with the latest and best studio equipment to record industry standard records. Covid-19 has hit the music scene hard and has resulted in many gigs being cancelled and the music community unable to meet in person. On the 10th of August Subwaves Studios will open in Eldon Square and we aim to change this. Music lessons and group classes will take place in the all new state of the art recording studio and video production environment, where musicians can also take a course to learn how to professionally produce their music up to the quality standard music consumers expect today. The idea is to have a music community, recording studio and music education centre in one place, and it's opening in Eldon Square on 10th August.

Promoting music and wellbeing

Subwaves Music Studios opening its new branch in the centre of Newcastle is purely there to promote the enjoyment of music and bring people together through the power of music but for those wishing to learn how to make a career in the music arts support and courses are available at the centre to assist in this area and a state of the art studio on hand to capture every nuance of the proposed performance to broadcast online and in media outlets. The centre is aimed at those just looking to get out and meet others while enjoying music through to artists wanting a career in music. 

Subwaves will promote community and get people singing, being creative and loving music through group classes. There has been numerous scientific studies linking music to feeling good and lifting depression. Subwaves Music Studios is opening in Eldon Square Newcastle delivered by Jamie Devine.

How Subwaves will use the money generated

Subwaves will invest the money generated to launch the centre in Eldon Square and pay it's huge city centre overheads and use the money to provide excellence in music education and to bring people together through group classes and provide much needed social interaction after the lift of Covid-19. We will promote music to the max and provide an excellent state of the art studio to enjoy the music.

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