Musician Scammed out of Valuable Instrument

by Stephen Houghton in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England

Musician Scammed out of Valuable Instrument

Raising funds for Chris Kerton a Welsh Musician who was scammed by an internet fraudster.

by Stephen Houghton in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England

We did it
On 24th July 2018 we successfully raised £620 with 50 supporters in 56 days

I am raising money to try and get back the amount that a Welsh musician has been scammed for by a prolific internet fraudster. The fraudster uses a PayPal scam to buy instruments, then has his money refunded by PayPal and sells the instrument on to other unsuspecting musicians. Chris Kerton had a bass guitar worth £1100 stolen from him by the scammer, I then saw the bass for sale on the internet and bought it, I met the scammer face to face and paid cash for it.

I later was informed by Chris that the bass I had bought and had put up for sale (it was a 5 string and I didnt get on with it) was actually his and was stolen some weeks earlier. I realised I was the end of the chain and would lose all my money and would have to return the bass to Chris, I was devastated as I am not well off and would lose all my funds, but agreed to do the right thing without question. Then out of the blue Chris contacted me and said I could keep the bass and once the police had dealt with the case I could sell it and we could share the funds, so we both didnt take  full hit. He didnt need to do this and in doing so restored my faith in humanity and I cant thank him enough for this offer.

We are members of a bass players community called 'Basschat' (amazing community of musicians) and some people on there suggested starting a crowd funding page so they could help us out with donations, so I am creating this page to try and get Chris his money back and then I will be able to keep and sell on the Bass in question, as I originally planned to do. The fraudster in question is  being prosecuted by the police and the case is ongoing, its a big case and we are not going to recieve any funds back from him as he is unempolyed and will end up probably getting prison sentence as he has frauded many other victims as well and has been prosecuted before for the same thing.

Myself and Chris are both members of Basschat with good feedback, my name on the site is Stephen Houghton and Chris uses the name Funkshui, I have added to the total amount we are tryng to raise the 8% it will cost us to use crowd funding, also we have talked to other members of Basschat and it has been suggested that if the total amount goes over our target we will either give it to a charity agreed by all who take part or try and set up some sort of fund for other members of Basschat who go through a similar experience, this has to be finalised by the people involved.

No money will be taken by myself or Chris over what he has lost, plus the 8% crowdfunding fees. Hope this all makes sense, if you would like to make a donation no matter how small it would be greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

Thank you,

Stephen and Chris

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