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Musical Instrument Library: New Instruments

by The Radford Charitable Trust in Grampound Road, England, United Kingdom

Musical Instrument Library: New Instruments


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To buy a new Cor Anglais, cello and double bass to add to our Instrument Liibrary. We loan instruments free of charge for up to 3 years.

by The Radford Charitable Trust in Grampound Road, England, United Kingdom

The Radford Charitable Trust maintains a library of orchestral musical instruments, which are available for loan to students in Cornwall.  Loans periods are a maximum of 3 years, and the loan is free of charge.  Instruments are insured by the Trust.  We seek to replace an aging Cor Anglais which is in near constant use, and also provide more cellos and double basses for loan.  The large and/or rarer instruments are expensive to purchase and are often out of budgetary reach of families in Cornwall.  The Trust aims to provide these instruments so that talented young people can continue their musical journey and families can have more time to seek funds for an instrument of the student's own.                        


Over the years, many of our instruments have been lent to more than 15 people.  We have over 50 instruments on loan currently.  The instrument loan often benefits individual families who can manage to pay for music lessons but not finance an instrument.  The loaned instruments are also often used in area, county and sometimes national ensembles, extending their reach to the ensemble members and their audiences.  Music is a universal language, which can help child development, attainment and social skills including teamwork.                        


The indirect reach of the loan instrument itself is larger, as the individual can contribute to ensembles, bands and orchestras - each of which can give pleasure to audiences as well as raising money for other charitable causes.  

A new Cor Anglais costs around £6000.  Second-hand instruments are rare as once a person makes such an investment, they tend to hold on to their instrument. New cellos and double basses (with associated bows, cases and setup) cost around £2000 each.           


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