Meditation Videos for Children in Schools

by Pippa Day in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Meditation Videos for Children in Schools
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To create a unique set of musical meditation videos for children in schools, that they can follow easily to calm and center themselves.

by Pippa Day in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

I am a primary school teacher, and singer song writer, and have seen first hand the incredible effect that regular musical meditation can have on the mental health of children and young people in schools. 

I have been running meditation and mindfulness sessions with the children I teach, and it has been incredible to watch the change in children who often have challenging home lives, to use  this amazing tool to calm and centre themselves.

My project is to create videos for children - to be able to watch both at school or at home, to guide them through a simple and peaceful meditation, which will be accompanied by my own music and singing. I believe so passionately in the impact this can have on our young learners, who are so often anxious about their learning and current test-based environment. I have the meditations ready, the songs ready, and an amazing camera man and documentary writer, who can help me to make this a reality. 

We are aiming to cover the expenses of the videos, but if we can manage it we will also produce a CD and offer live free classes in schools, if we can get there! 

I really believe in what I am doing and I know how much impact it has and will continue to have on children's mental health. I just need to find others who believe in this too, which is why I am here. 

Listen to an example of the music at Thank you so much for taking the time to read. 

10% of everything raised here will go to the wonderful Bristol Children's Charity.

“Pippa’s music is heartfelt and intimate, and leaves you in a serene, heavenly bubble that you never want to leave” – Zaid Al-Rikabi, the People’s String Foundation.  

"Haunting, melancholy and beautiful. Pippa's music takes you on a blissful journey between emotions. It’s a pleasure to lose yourself in it." Joe Francis, Winter Mountain.

Pippa X


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