Musical Explorers

by Ruta 19 in St. Ives, England, United Kingdom

Musical Explorers
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To provide music sessions for children and parents in isolated rural communities who are deprived of access to the arts.

by Ruta 19 in St. Ives, England, United Kingdom

I am looking for funding to realize a project to bring musical education to the under 7's.  The project is comprised of a 5 stage model with each stage building on the previous to form a comprehensive musical foundation.

The  5 key stages offer singing, musical games and instrument playing. The aim is to develop a listening ear and a love of music that will last a lifetime.

Stage One ---Starting out --- (with Parent/s) 0-2 Years

Playful Musical Activities. Introduces playful musical activities to help the baby and caregiver to bond. Activities such as bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo games, singing, dancing and movement.

Stage Two --- On Your Feet ---(with Parent/s) 2-3 Years

Co-ordination and focussed listening. Toddlers learn through sound exploration and movement. They sing, chant, move, dance, listen and play simple instruments. This provides a full mix which allows them to be active, which is how a toddler learns. This class facilitates expression of feelings, assists in improving memory through repetition and develops musical aptitude and focused listening.

Stage 3 --- Moving On ---(With Parent/s) 3-4 Years

Pitch it right. Singing. Having fun with rhymes and rhythms.

Stage 4 --- Beat Keepers (Year 1) 5-6 Years

Get the beat. Playing percussion instruments and musical games to develop a good sense of pulse.

Stage 5 --- Rhythm Makers (Year 2) 6-7 Years

Train your brain.  – Responding to music and following instructions to develop thinking and listening skills.

Use your creativity --- Improving and developing musical ideas and creativity.

Go Solo --- Playing in front of the group to develop confidence.

Studies from around the globe have shown that from a very early age music classes can have profound long term effects on young people. This includes everything from improved language development and higher test scores in maths to improved communication skills and increased academic potential.

Music provides a creative outlet, a way to communicate and express oneself which transcends the spoken words. It offers a chance to socialize and bond with others and teaches listening, sharing and co-operating skills.

Musical education for young children provides a foundation for building confident, expressive young people and has many benefits which extend beyond music to overall educational attainment.  Dee Coulter, Ed.D Neuroscience Educator says that ;- "Children's minds are nourished by rhythm."

I will use the funding to gain my certification as a licensed Musikgarten Educator and to set up the business infrastructure - Purchasing a Yamaha Keyboard, percussion instruments and Musikgarten class CD's and instruments for each stage. I will also purchase a CD player and bluetooth speakers to play pieces for the classes.

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