Musica - music workshops for older adults

Musica - music workshops for older adults

We are on a quest to take the benefits of music to older adults and people living with dementia across England.

We did it!

On 4th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £510 with 9 supporters in 56 days

Our business is called Musica and since 2010 we have been providing music-based workshops to residents in care settings throughout the Southwest. I started the business on my own, when I was studying for a degree in Music at Bath Spa University. I entered the University’s business plan competition with my idea to provide music workshops in care settings, and I won!

My name is Rosie Mead and I am an academic at heart. I have studied the effects of music for people with dementia for nearly 10 years and Musica was born from a personal desire to help as many older people as possible retain cognitive function for as long as possible by benefiting from structured music workshops. After years of honing the Musica offering, it's now so much more than “just a sing-a-long”…

Fun through music - Throughout an hour of interactive fun, a Musica workshop involves residents in a musical warm up, exercising the vocal chords and muscles and reminiscencing through singing and quizzes. We have lively discussions, perform live music and tailor make these sessions to ensure maximum enjoyment and benefits. We promote health and well-being and really see a difference in residents throughout our sessions. It is fantastic knowing that each day we really add to people's lives and happiness.

Throughout an hour of interactive fun, the Musica workshops deliver all of the following, and more:

  • Musical warm up
  • Exercising the vocal chords and muscles
  • Reminiscence through singing and quizzes
  • Lively discussions
  • A live music performance with a fully trained Musica musician
  • Tailor-made content to suit individual needs and abilities, themes and settings

So why do we need your support? 
The answer to that is simple – we need funding in order to create sustainable growth. 

The popularity of what we do is overwhelming. We are now an awesome team of 13 workshop providers (mixture of franchisees and freelance workshop leaders), reaching over 800 older people every single week! We have a tiny but dedicated head office team that manage all of our admin,marketing and training, on a small budget. But what we really need in order to be able to offer our expertise to even more older people is more people like us: musicians at heart, with a passion for older people and a desire to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Our franchisees are in high demand, and because of this they would like to take on freelance workshop leaders to work with them delivering Musica workshops in their territory. For every Musica workshop leader we train, there is the potential to reach another 150 older adults, and people living with dementia every single week. It costs us £1,000 to train each workshop leader in all of the following:

  • Current research into the benefits of music for older adults
  • Understanding dementia and the best communication practices
  • How to deliver our high quality Musica workshops for which we have a one-day training programme
  • How to work in a flexible way, using music to benefit older adults with a range of needs, yet still keep the sessions meeting the commercial needs of Care Homes

Will you help us make a difference?
We are looking to train 5 more workshop leaders in the next year. The money you pledge will help us to reach more older people with dementia – making a real difference to the quality of life to over 500 individuals every single week. 

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