Music prod. classes with 1 & only Jim Heist Muir

Music prod. classes with 1 & only Jim Heist Muir

I got hit by a car and got brain damage but I still have dreams (Read the project description please)

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am trying to raise money to be able to afford production classes with the one and only Heist. If any of you like drum & bass then you will know he's a pretty big deal.

I wouldn't usually ask for crowd funding because I have more self pride than that. However, I was hit by a car doing 60 kph in February last year and sadly got brain damage from it, amazingly that was it though (I broke my collarbone but by the time I had woken up from my coma it had pretty much fixed itself!). Insurance companies tend to take their time when it comes to paying for anything (potentially years in this case). Therefore I would like some help.

I have been in rehabilitation for the past year trying to recover as much as humanly possible (Hobbs rehabilitation are life savers) I am now able to walk and my memory has drastically improved so far due to their incredible work (I will be doing more rehab from September on). I am unable to work currently due to the brain damage and my cerebellar ataxia (a type of brain damage which seriously affects my motor skills) but I plan on going to university in September 2018. 

I will give my first track away for free here:

Thanks a huge amount in advance!!