Music E.P. Hard Copies & Artwork

Music E.P. Hard Copies & Artwork

We have a Music E.P. on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and would love to have enough money to buy a few hard copies for promotion and friends etc

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

'Stiilbird' is a collective project driven by Steve Watts.

Some of the best Musicians/Producers in Wiltshire/Avon have come together to complete tuneful and varied E.P.

There are plans for  further Releases and a 'Stiilbird' Album at some point in the near future.

At the moment 'Stiilbird' is Recording a colection of songs for Sync, Licensing, Film and T.V. etc

Using the latest Technolgy to Record the Music is as organic and real.. as can be.

Guitars, Dulcimers, Bass's, Piano's, Harmonicas, Voices and Brass..