Music Based app//jamalam

Music Based app//jamalam

I am raising funds to complete an app idea that I have had for a little while now that combines Music with Technology.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, my name is Luke Bourne, I am 14 year old from Lancashire and I have a passion for Music and also Technology. I have always wanted to do something productive in my younger years that not only help me when Im older but lots of other passionate Musicians like myself to get know other Musician's while also having a good time. So here is what I came up with.

My ongoing project/ dream is to create an app that combines the world of Music with Technology. I have had this idea of building this app for about a year now and i have recently realized that i need to get up off my backside and make an impact to this world even if it is not alot but it all help's and i also want to be able to class myself as a sucsessfull person when im older.

My app idea involves the sharing side of technology with the making of music to hopefully produce a program that will compete against the likes of Garage band and also musically. They were my main inspirations for this app. About a week ago i contacted an app development company about my app and they gave me some advice on what to do and they also gave me the pricings of how much it would cost. The company that i would use to create my app normally make programs for multi-national security services but they like to have the odd fun project to challenge themselves the odd times.


Funding(where the money would go):

  • £5000 to create the actuall app itself.
  • £2000 for a macbook to code and also manage the app.
  • £3000 for the maintinence of the app while it gets off the floor.

Thankyou very much for reading my pledge.

Yours sincerley

Luke Bourne