Muscle Kitchen

Muscle Kitchen

To open a restaurant in Plymouth serving only Healthy meals and educating children the importance of healthy lifestyles, free of charge!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This funding is running to open a restaurant in Plymouth serving only Healthy meals, snacks and drinks. Also having free open days for children to come in to learn to cook healthy food and learn the importance of eating healthy. Teach children for free the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet and having an active lifestyle. All will be delivered by qualified staff, including myself who is a qualifed personal trainer. Children are leaving school today and are not knowing the importance of having a healthy lifestyle! Children should be taught to cook healthy food for themselves and know what balanced diet is. We will do this free of charge.

We will operate as a business, aiming at the health concious society and children of Plymouth. All food products will be locally sourced and customers will know what is in their meals! If you're training hard in the gym and want a heavily loaded protein meal you could go for the Chicken breast with boiled eggs, sprinkled with seeds and butternut sauce with steamed veg. Or if you are in the carb loading phase of your marathon training you may prefer the butternut squash and sweet potato mash, with Salmon, Cous Cous and steamed broccoli. The desserts will consist of things such as fruit, yoghurts, protein heavy flapjacks or Peanut Butter sugar free brownies-all homemade! We are the perfect place to come for a relaxed chat and a post work out snack!

Whatever your diet-we will cater for! Are there any Restaurants in Plymouth where you could go to get 40g of protein in one meal? Where you could get 25g of Protein in your dessert? Where you could get 500Kcal in a meal and have 40%carbs, 30% fat and 30% Protein? Or where you could request 5% carbs, 30%fat and 65% Protein? Here you can!

The restaurant will be ran by health and fitness fanatics! We will welome all to the restaurant and off free advice on diet and exercise. The pictures on the walls will not be pictures of the Plymouth Hoe at sunset and will consist mainly of marathon runners, inspirational poems and pictures of atheletes!