Support Project MBG...the gym endorsed by the BPU!

Support Project MBG...the gym endorsed by the BPU!

To give us a runway to develop membership to 250. 128 members already, since our opening on 16/7/2016. Endorsed by the BPU: event on 27th!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Muscle Bull Gym is located in Bermondsey and is a Strength Training Gym and Wellness Centre. As well as a fully equipped Gym, we have a treatment room that offers Massage, CBT, NLP, Hypnosis, Osteopathy & Male Intimate Waxing.  In an ever-expanding market, MBG stands out as a safe and inclusive environment for those engaged in serious fitness training. An holistic approach to fitness and maintenance is essential for anyone wishing to compete at any level.

We have been chosen by The British Powerlifting Union to hold a London qualifier on November 27th 2016, based on our look, range of equipment and positive attitude to this growing sport.  We are also talking with a well-known World Champion Power-Lifter about future plans too.  

Membership is growing, through targeted marketing, but we need extra cash for the runway to make us profitable.