Short Film: Murderous Injustice

The film is based on the tragic murder of a refugee in 2013, the 12 minute film will be shot on 16mm film consisting of one continuous take.

We did it!

On 4th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £5,025 of £5,000 target with 42 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We are currently working to an extremely tight budget to make our film. If the stretch target was met the funds would go towards hiring a wider range of equipment giving us more flexibility when shooting. We would also purcahse more film stock to ensure we can reach our goal of capturing the film in one continuous shot. Overall the extra funds would help us massively in ensuring our final film reaches its full potential visually and technologically.


A huge thankyou to everyone that backed us for the crowdfuder


Our aim:

The film is based on the tragic murder of a refugee that took place in 2013. It will explore the profoundly important and topical matters of misunderstanding and intolerance in our society today. Whilst the film will be shot from the perspective of the antagonist and his actions, our overall intention is to reinforce positive notions of fairness and understanding, whilst raising public awareness of issues related to the asylum/ refugee community here in Britain.


Our project:

We will be shooting 'Murderous Injustice' on 16mm film over three days in June and we have recently secured the location here in Liverpool and although the final film will not be set in this city, as a location it works perfectly both aesthetically and logistically. The unique and startling feature of our 12-minute film is that we will be making it in one continuous take. This will be an immense challenge and will require meticulous coordination of the cast, crew and community.

In the past 6 months we have already secured the majority of our budget. We have £8000 under our belt but without the final £5000 all our hard work will have been wasted and we will be unable to complete production. The £5000 will be used to cover the costs of hiring professional equipment which includes a 16mm camera, lighting and sound equipment. The rest of the funds will ensure the voluntary cast, crew and community are catered for during the three day shoot.


About us:

Through Our Eyes Films is a young, independent production company based in Liverpool. We are currently dedicated to making short films about real life with an aim to move onto feature films in the near future. Our core team is made up of an experienced writer/director and recent graduates building their way into the film and TV industry. In the past two years we have produced two short films 'Thomas Hartley' and 'The Slain' which are currently being distributed to various international film festivals. We are determined to involve local communities within our productions by giving them experience on a professional film set and an insight into film making. Hopefully inspiring the younger generation to pursue a career within the industry.



"I think Through Our Eyes Film work is of tremendous value. To my mind, Gavin the director has been very poorly served by established organisations and traditional funding routes. This is perplexing to me. Their work is original and deals with pressing social and political issues with integrity and humanity.” (Jason Wood - Author and Film Artistic Director, Home, Manchester)


“I had the pleasure of collaborating recently with Gavin Scott Whitfield and Carlie Rice of Through Our Eyes Films, on their independent short film 'The Slain'. We filmed entirely on location in North Wales, and shot on 35mm. It was a privilege to work with such an enthusiastic and committed team. As a Director of Photography, my job is to deliver the Director's vision. After collaborating very closely with Gavin on this film, and taking onboard his dedication and passion for the project, I'm very proud of the final result.” (Phil Wood - Director of Photography)


“Having had the pleasure of working with through Our Eyes Films and Gavin on two of their productions I found him to be a true artist, every aspect of his work is meticulously thought out and his ability to write cinematic story is amongst the best I've ever read. I believe their talent has not been unearthed to all due to the uncompromising provocative storytelling of the Director. Gavin goes there and beyond, the industry unfortunately doesn't. If you invest in this production you will also be investing in a very rare talent, you will be supporting a self made artist who will bring you a powerful piece of cinema and hopefully many more in the future. “ (Michael Ryan - Actor)

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