Mums Bus - Budget Restaurant

Mums Bus - Budget Restaurant

To open a new mobile restaurant, bringing home cooked food to everyone in the UK at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Mums Bus

This idea has been in the pipeline for a few years but needs funding to get started.

I am looking to open a restaurant in a converted double decker bus, the food will all be home made and classic recipes that your mum would cook for you. It appeals widely to students away from home, people living alone as well as families who want a day off from the stress of the kitchen.

The menu will be classic dishes, with the option of having your dish prepared with products rejected by local supermarkets and food stores, a sustainable menu. Also offering packed lunches with tasty sandwiches in the classic Tupperware boxes you would have had for school dinner.

The money raised will help to refurbish and kit out a double decker bus, work with local stores to source unwanted and discarded good stuffs and help to employee people in need of jobs and trainee catering students from local colleges and schools. People are finding it difficult to take a step onto the career ladder in what they want to do and have to settle for something unrelated to their qualifications and aspirations, Mums Bus will ensure that there are opportunities for them, guided by real life mums.

The food will be excellent quality but at an affordable price, we all know mums can make good quality food for a fraction of the cost you pay in a restaurant, that's why they want you to eat at home. Using products discarded by local supermarkets will also allow us to reduce costs and take that step closer to reducing UK food waste and environmental impact.

Memorabilia of the restaurant, food vouchers and company shares are available for anyone pledging. This is a untapped area and with the ability to mobilise the restaurant, large scale events both regionally and nationally can benefit from Mums food.

Help me to make sure that this is one bus that isnt going to be late.