Help a mum get back into work!

Project by lizzie1485
Help a mum get back into work!

Please help me to build a suitable playroom to start up a childcare business and become a financially independent mummy!

We did it!

On 19th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

So, what is my project about? 

Hello!  My name is Lizzie and I'm a full time mum desperately trying to get back into work and earn a decent living to support my family and be financially independent. My statutory maternity pay is due to finish this month and I need to start earning asap from home. I have a spent the last year training and registering to become a childminder. I have chosen this career path to enable to me to not only spend valuable time with my son but also due to the fact that I cannot return to work due to childcare costs and other family commitments.


What do I need?

I have a small two bedroom house in Surrey and desperately need a suitable playroom area to set up my childcare business. I have a reasonable sized patio that would be perfect (as seen in my pic) however, on those cold rainy days it will need a roof, walls and some heating! Please help me to fund a reasonably cheap yet safe, lean to conservatory that would not only provide a wonderful space for children to play but would also help a mum get back into work and earning her own money :) 


How will your money be spent?

The money from crowd funder will be used to cover the costs of all the building materials and labour (if specialost help needed) In the unlikely event of any surplus cash or failure to reach anywhere near the target, the money would be spent on toys and educational activities for the kids. 


Why do I need your help? 

I am currently on statutory maternity which will soon be reduced to £0 and if I return to work I will have very little left to get by on once all the childcare costs have been taken into account. This playroom will allow me to start up a business which is high in demand and a long term secure income for my family. This is also the only chance that I have to make it work as a business as I am on maternity.


What skills do I have to achieve this project?

 I have completed all the relevant qualifications to become  a childminder and have dedicated the past year to this new business venture. 


What will you get out of it? 

A big thank you from me and my family! I will also mention all the donors on my childminding website and send pictures of the finished playroom and updates on the business. 

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