Mummy Writes: Baby-friendly writing workshops

by Nici West in London, England, United Kingdom

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Mummy Writes: Baby-friendly creative writing workshops for new mums

by Nici West in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we were to reach our stretch target (how exciting!) we would look to expand our workshops outside of the Lewisham area to reach more new parents in need of something to tantalise their creative minds!

Mummy Writes: Baby-friendly creative writing workshops 

New parents can get creative and have a taster of what it's like to be a fiction writer, all while snuggling with their baby. A series of six workshops explore the basics of writing fiction; from different genres, influential writers, tools to create a great story and plenty of time to try it out!

Hello baby

The workshops are designed with parents in mind so they are absolutely baby-friendly - with sensory play and storytelling  - while parents can explore styles of fiction writing through group readings, activities and feedback. It may be chaotic, but we make it work! 

The sessions are flexible and laid back, parents can feel free to feed, change, or entertain baby and join in with the workshop in a way they can. As a workshop leader, and a mummy, I will try my best to keep baby entertained and come equipped with plenty of sparkling, noisy toys to keep them occupied while parents try their hand at writing. (We're not a creche, we just welcome the chaos that bringing your baby with you creates ;) )

Hello mummy

Parental leave can be tough, especially for those navigating it for the first time. I know I found it intense! Learning new skills and taking on a creative and intellectual challenge can not only help you mentally deal with things - even if it is through fiction writing -but it can also help with finding self-confidence and identity at one of the most challenging times of life. 

Why me and how I got the idea. 

I'm a London based copywriter, editor and workshop leader running my own business called Lost for Words. I'm also a short story writer, most recently winning a Highly Commended recognition for the Bridport Prize 2019, and have an MA in Creative Writing from The University of Manchester. The idea for these workshops came to me in the middle of my maternity leave period. As intense - and rewarding - as maternity leave was I found that doing something creatively stimulating really helped me to start to heal and navigate my way through new motherhood.

Why creative writing?

As tired as new parents are (wow, the exhaustion!) I found that I still wanted to get inspired and learn new things. Creative writing is something I'm passionate and knowledgeable about and am confident in teaching. Stories are a way to explore other worlds but also help us understand and process our own experiences - a much-needed process for new parents!

Course details

Initially, the course would be available to those local to the Lewisham/Bromley area with plans to extend the course if we meet the stretch goals.

  • Six workshops over six weeks that are one hour fifteen minutes long
  • Exploring topics from the genre, to narrative style and story-telling tools
  • Workshops are baby-friendly with plenty of time to feed and change, while you listen, discuss and write
  • Most suited to parents with babies of pre-walking age 
  • Workshop structure: Each session, parents will be introduced to a story concept, given a taster piece to read collectively during the workshop and then challenged to produce their own piece of writing. There will be a chance for sharing and peer feedback at every session. 

We welcome all newbies, wanna-be writers, curious writers, never-before-imagined-they-could-write-anything-writers! It's your time to experiment, get creative, learn something new and challenge yourself, all while making new friends and snuggling with your baby. 

Why are we crowdfunding?

We are looking to raise £1500 to do a trial run of a six-week workshop in the Lewisham/Bromley area. Any additional funding will help us run more Mummy Writes workshop around the Lewisham, Bromley and Central London area. 

There's not much out there like this, so show us some love and donate! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£6 or more

Access to Facebook group for parents who write

An exclusive Facebook group for parents who write (or are desperately trying to write around childcare!) It will be a support network to other burnt-out parent writers, full of ideas, tips and short writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing. You can also e-meet each other and discuss your writing woes and wonders. Even thinking about writing and doing what you can (even in the midst of a two-am feed) can make a difference.

£5 or more

A little bit of love - Donation only

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We know not everyone has the pennies to support to match the love they can give. This token of support means a lot to us. High five!

£7 or more

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Baby-friendly celebration event

You'll be invited to an exclusive celebration event for parents in the local Bromley/Lewisham/Crystal Palace area. Enjoy some cake, much-needed caffeine, bring the baby(ies) along and have a chat with other parents!

£10 or more

A little bit of love PLUS Mummy Writes postcard

Exclusive artwork in the form of an inspirational postcard featuring the words 'Mummy Writes' or 'Daddy Writes' (your choice). They make a great gift if you know any new wanna-be or inspiring to continue to write parents!

£15 or more

1 of 5 claimed

A single Mummy Writes workshop

Come along to a single workshop out of the six-week Mummy Writes sessions. It can be a workshop of your choice. Crowdfunding will cover the course to run in the Lewisham/Bromely area.

£60 or more

1 of 6 claimed

Six exclusive Mummy Writes workshops

Full access to the six week Mummy Writes workshops based in the Lewisham/Bromley area.

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