Support parents with co-working and childcare!

by Lauren Roberts in Teddington, England, United Kingdom

Support parents with co-working and childcare!
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To launch a pop-up co-working club with childcare to support working parents with flexible working and entrepreneurship

by Lauren Roberts in Teddington, England, United Kingdom

Our vision is to bring together parents who work as freelancers or who want to start something new to fit around their family- it might be studying or training, or setting up a new business. Many parents now are either working a job that means they barely see their children, or frustrated at home because the cost of childcare makes it impractical to return to their previous job.

We believe working from home / flexible working will be the norm in the future. There are plenty of co-working spaces, but what is missing is a connected community that has each others back, as well as affordable childcare. Working from home is ideal for many parents, especially those with younger children and babies. But it can also be very isolating and lonely

The high street needs regenerating with community-focused, progressive organisations like Mumming that bring people together to use under-utilised spaces sitting empty during the week. It's win-win for the venues and for the parents who get to get out and meet others in the same boat, as well as having accountability to be productive and get work done too.

What we need funds for

Setting up the creche

We have been running sessions for almost a year now and we have generated a lot of interest and proven the concept, so we are moving to the next stage. What we need funds for is helping manage the transition between booking childcare on an ad-hoc basis to committing to bring in the same nannies each week for each venue we operate at. This will likely operate at a loss until we are able to consistently have enough children coming to fill all spaces. However this is what will enable us to grow when the creche is able to operate in a more structured way. Manually booking nannies each week as we have been doing cannot be sustained or managed across multiple venues, therefore we are partnering with a pop up creche agency who will manage that whole side.

Some people have asked: 'can't we just run it without a creche?' And of course we could, but currently 70% of parents who come make use of the creche- it is a key part of our offering. While we do run events and some sessions without a creche, it is our core belief that we want to empower parents to be involved without childcare being an issue. Our target audience is parents with pre-school kids as we believe it's a key time in our lives whereby support is needed to help build foundations for strong family life and work-life blend. Whilst we of course welcome and have parents of older kids coming, we want to ensure the support is there for new parents too.

Marketing and Advertising

We need to ensure we reach the right people so we need support with marketing and advertising to efficiently reach people with social media, printed fliers and posters and collaborations with local businesses.

2020 Vision

In January we are launching a monthly membership, and once we have built up to 50 paying-monthly members per venue, then we are able to cover costs and work towards being in profit to enable further growth and launching at new locations. membership will be available at different levels depending on how many sessions parents want to include.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

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Free Planner

Free Mumming day by day planner to help structure your day and be productive.

£50 or more

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Planner and t-shirt

Free Mumming planner and t-shirt

£86 or more

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Pay for a 5k batch of fliers to be printed

Planner, t-shirt

£150 or more

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Cover Facebook ads for 2 weeks- reach more parents

Planner, t-shirt and big shout-out on social media

£280 or more

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Pay for the creche for 6 children for 3 hours

Receive a planner, t-shirt and shout out on social media, and of course feel free to join a co-working session if you're local!

£560 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Pay for the creche for 12 children for 3 hours

Planner, t-shirt and huge shout out on social media

£1,363 or more

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Cover one venue running costs for one month

Receive a planner, t-shirt, huge shout out on social, and of course feel free to join for the month if you are local and want to!

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