Mum's Last Christmas

by Phillip Riding in London, England, United Kingdom

Mum's Last Christmas
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The cost of Funeral and maybe one last family Holiday if raised enough

by Phillip Riding in London, England, United Kingdom

So it is with a heavy Heart i write this bio about my mum and knowing i have not got much time with her left on this earth .My main Reason why i am trying to Raise funds is my Mum Stephanie Riding has been diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time and unfortunately this time round she hasn't been so lucky .The doctors have said the cancer has spread into her liver and her muscle  and with a heavy dose of chemo she has about 6 months or so to live .It is with this news we have had to start planning for the worst  starting with funeral cost and arrangements.The is no word or Feeling that can describe how heartbreaking it is to plan your own mother's Funeral while she is still and alive  it's more of   a sense of disbelief than anything else hoping you're going to wake up from a horrible nightmare.It is with great gutting wrenching  Guilt knowing that the cost  of the funeralis more than your income or savings put together and worrying about how you going to make end meet as nobody wants to give a loved one a horrible send of  .After trying to sum up most cost the basic of funerals in Barrow in furness is about £3000  .This alone is a lot of money for my mum is is only on benefits and myself who is only earning £17,000 a year while living in london .Since i was 13 years old i have been by my  mum's side when she first got diagnosed with cancer and being there from the beginning see how much it has taken a massive toll on her life and well being is deeply heart breaking.I am now 26  and the fourth time you would think i would be use to it but in fact i don't and the pain never really does go away .I would also like to take my my on a weekend trip to london with my little brother and myself and have one last family Holiday where i can share one last time unforgettable memories together as a family as the last time we where all on a family  holiday was when i was about  13 before it all began .You may ask why we haven't been since the reason really comes down to cost my mum doesn't work as she is also disabled and cant work and as we all know benefits from the government are just enough to live of never mind have any other luxuries like a holiday .Being in the army for 8 and half years i have spent a lot of my time away serving for queen and country and making my mum proud of her son .I am planning to do everything in my power to make my last months with my mum the best i can but with the distance we live apart as i now live in london trying to make a better life for myself .I only have the odd occasion to travel home as prices to get home are also very expensive  so most of the time it's just a video call  over the phone everyday to see how she is coping .I know i may be asking a lot and i don't normally like to beg .But if you could ask yourself this question if you had a one last chance to make the most of the time with your loved one and create that one last memory before they get ripped away from you  .  wouldn't you  go to the moon and back to acheive this  .I am not asking for a lot i think as i wish i could do more i wish i could donate  blood or even a organ to fix this but i can't knowing you are helpless to the cause is the most saddening thing i have ever felt so it is with this page i am tying to create that one last memory together before her final days .  

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