Multilingual Baby Log

Multilingual Baby Log

To create a free to use, responsive (work across many devices) Baby Log for young mothers that can be easily translated with simple feedback

We did it!

On 13th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 42 days

Project aim

To create a free to use, web based Baby Log for young parents, that can be easily translated into many languages, and provide non sensitive statistical information across the world.

About the project

The project is to produce a flexible/responsive web based project that will enable unexperienced mothers/fathers to record their baby's weight and feeding patterns.

It's primary goals are:

1) To be user friendly, and easy enough for anybody to use (even parents who are not computer savvy),

2) Be flexible/responsive enough to work across a wide range of devices and browsers,

3) Allow for easy translation into multiple languages, and allow users to submit their translations for review.

I wish the project to be freely available for as many people as possible.

Targets for stage 1:

a) A registration screen,

b) A login screen,

c) English and Spanish support (build in multilingual support from the offset),

d) A configuration and settings section where you can define types and units of measurement,

Targets for stage 2: 

e) A baby section, where you can add / edit your baby/babies nickname and date of birth. Optional and non-sensitive details may also be entered for shared statistical information, ie ethnicity, country of birth and gender.

d) A feeds section where you can add, amend, view feeds and print a feed form for recording information,

e) A growth and development section where you can add, amend and view height and weight measurements,

Targets for stage 3: 

f) A Sickness and illness section where you can record illnesses,

g) A vaccinations section, where your child's vaccination history can be recorded,

h) A print section to print or export all your data onto hard paper or PDF format for safe keeping,

Targets for stage 4:

i) Develop an api for 3rd party sites to access statistical (but not sensitive) information on baby feed and growth patterns over multi geographical locations. API keys will be made available for a recurring licence fee (yet to be decided) but made available for free to contributors through the rewards offered.

The customer site will be free to use, and after development will be funded by discreet adverts. If there any profits after advertising, I will donate 85% of advertising profits into a children's fund. Information on money donated will be available on the website.

I hope you enjoy my ideas and back my plan.

Best regards,

Blain Redwood

Senior Engineer, UK






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