Mthwakazi United Football Club [MZUFC]

by Churchill Mpiyesizwe Guduza in Bulawayo, Bulawayo Province, Zimbabwe


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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by April 10th 2019 at 12:39pm

The project aim is to buy a minibus and transport it to the boys in Pelandaba, for their use in travel to football matches.

by Churchill Mpiyesizwe Guduza in Bulawayo, Bulawayo Province, Zimbabwe



Registered as a Community Football Club

Mission Statement

Changing the lives of the youth through skills development training in sports and the needs of the disadvantaged children in our local community.



The Mthwakazi United Football Club (MZUFC) is an independent community driven non-profit development sports project located in Pelandaba’s township of Bulawayo, Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) in present day Zimbabwe. It was established in early 2014 with aims of providing lifelong, healthy and physical sports development and recreation programmes to the impoverished, marginalised and excluded children and youth of Pelandaba.

In 2016, MZUFC had a total of 60 boys playing under the following categories: Under 14; Under 16 and Under 18. These categories or brackets effectively constituted three (3) football teams at those age levels. Today, MZUFC has an additional 40 boys, some of whom now play for the newly created division of the Under 20s. With this addition the combined total is now 100 boys who are now registered and licenced by the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) to be developed through sports training and recreation programmes by MZUFC. We are doing so well that the Under 20s have been promoted to the Third Division of ZIFA, with effect from the beginning of this season (2019).

From its inception in 2014, MZUFC has developed these impoverished and underprivileged boys of whom many have not had the opportunity to attend any type of schooling. Naturally, without such opportunities, the boys could easily have gone to a life of drug abuse, theft, and overall hopelessness. The community in its entirety from which these children come from, has no access to basic health care resulting in unavoidable social and economic harm on these children caused by substance abuse, tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs. The rate of HIV/AIDS in Pelandaba, Bulawayo is equally high, exacerbated also by high levels of illiteracy, lack of a viable economic (industrial and manufacturing) base and a debilitating high unemployment rate. We are here to give the boys another opportunity, one in which through regular physical activity we prevent life-threatening diseases, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, control weight and obesity, and in general give the boys something to look forward to in life. 

Though we are not well funded, we have also tried, when we can, to provide meals and drinks for the boys on training and match days. This has been our own personal contribution, however our efforts for the long-term are unsustainable. In order to make a real impact to these boys and create a founding team in the community forever more, we now need your help.  

Thus far, we have been travelling to match days by a rental bus. For each boy we pay $2USD to travel to and from matches. That is $2 x 100 boys which is $200USD a month. If we had our own minibus, this would cancel these costs as well as give us our first form of income, for not only will the bus be used for the transportation of the boys, but this bus will generation income for the boys, when used as a bus service within the local community. 

Our long-term vision for these boys is to empower them with skills and training so that they can be independent and give back to their communities. 

Here today, we ask for your contribution to our first stepping stone: The Minibus. We have a goal of raising £25000 ($32000USD) for the purchase a means to help us help ourselves.

Thank you in advance for your contribution into the development of a hopeless community. 

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