MSc Neuroscience Tuition fee's

by Monique Christian in London, England, United Kingdom

MSc Neuroscience Tuition fee's


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I am raising money, to enable myself to study neuroscience, which is something I am extremely passionate about

by Monique Christian in London, England, United Kingdom

Without the brain could we even exist? Everything which defines me as me sits inside my skull within my brain. Without our brains we (as humans) could not have created the world we live in today. This is why neuroscience plays such a fundamental role in society. Neuroscience is something which I have great interest in, and I wish to deepen my understanding of this field further through studying a masters at King’s College London. I have a keen interest in many topics within this field, from neurodegeneration, conciseness of the human brain, the history of neuroscience, and even what happens to the brain after death? Throughout hominid evolution, the importance of the brain has always been acknowledged. Head injuries capable of causing brain damage was seen as early as 3-million years ago among the South African australopithecines, where individuals were clubbed to death. The biggest influence towards my enthusiasm in neuroscience was reading the book “The history of Neuroscience”. This book discussed “De humani corporis fabrica” one of the most influential books of the 16th century, written by the Flemish anatomist physician Andreas Vesalius. What captivated me was the beauty of his drawings, and how detailed the images of the brain were, showing how delicate, beautiful, yet complex this somewhat elusive organ is. The reason for wanting to study a masters in neuroscience is that my eventual career goal is to study aerospace medicine. I have started the application process to join the Royal Air Force as a Medical reserve. One of the reasons for choosing King’s College London is the connection with the RAF Centre of aviation medicine, along with their world-renowned recognition, partnership’s with institutions like the Francis Crick Institute, and the ability to study and work in at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, Europe’s largest research centre. There is currently a lack of research currently being carried out in the neurodegenerative field relative to that of other areas such as cancer. I believe that I have the academic capability, strong knowledge of neuroscience, an extremely driven nature and great critical analysis skills, all of which will only be strengthened significantly during the course of this master’s degree. Due to coming from a family who cannot support me financially I am unable to fund the money to study/live in London. therefore the only thing which is stopping me from pursuing my goals is finances.

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