MS1073 - RUNNING 1073 miles to raise £1073 pounds

MS1073 - RUNNING 1073 miles to raise £1073 pounds


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Lesley Roberts

£10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid 22nd Mar 2021 09:50

Neil Sanders

£30 + an est. £7.50 in Gift Aid 14th Mar 2021 10:14

Started on 31st January 2021 Eye, England, United Kingdom

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Nikki posted an update on 22nd February 2021

How it's going so far

Hi all,

Thank you so much for showing your support.  It's been a month of interesting weather but I've kept running , through the snow, rain, wind, sun, & the day I managed to fall on my head!!  So far all is going well and I have just completed the first 200 miles of my target.  Please keep supporting by sharing the post with your family and friends.  Again, many many thanks, I couldn't do it without you, only 873 miles to go!

Love Nik xxx

Nikki posted an update on 1st April 2021

March update

Hi, Three months into the challenge and just passed a third of the way.  Still going strong and hoping to finish way ahead of time. Thanks again for your support. :-)


Nikki posted an update on 1st May 2021

April Update

Still running and things are going great.  So far I've run a minimum 5k every day apart from 3 this year, totalling just over 500 miles1619867520_running_with_dogs.jpg (so well on track for my total).  Please keep sharing and thanks again for supporting me and this wonderful cause. xxx

Nikki posted an update on 6th June 2021

Over half way there!

Over half way there already.  612 miles run (only three days this year where I haven't run 5k or more).  Hoping to complete the challenge early (around October time) with a marathon run to my mum's house.

xx Nik

  • I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me so please donate and help me reach my target of £1073 in aid of research in to Multiple Sclerosis. 

Why 1073 miles you may ask, well I'd like to donate this money in my mum's name. She has suffered from MS for many years now and I have seen her go from walking to being wheelchair bound.  MS is a cruel disease which robs people of so much.  My mum, like all those with MS is truly amazing.  Next year on the 2nd of February she will be 73 years old so it is my aim to run 1073 miles by the 2nd of February 2022.  I have already made a start and in this month alone have run 90 miles. 

Anything you can contribute towards helping me achieve my target will be massively appreciated. With times being so difficult at the moment if you are unable to contribute I totally understand however if you could at least share this post with as many of your friends as possible I would be very grateful. 


Lesley Roberts commented

Run rabbit run. X

22nd March 2021 at 9:50am
Lesley Roberts pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid
22nd March 2021 at 9:50am
Neil Sanders pledged £30 + an est. £7.50 in Gift Aid
14th March 2021 at 10:14am

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