Vanlife Artist Brad 'MrShoeShineMan' Rumble

Help me in my dream of being a nomadic artist, graphic designer and tutor travelling the UK delivering workshops and selling my wares.

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Quick Overview

  • What is the money for? Full time live-in van conversion and startup
  • Why? To share my story, sell my artwork and help others
  • How? Travelling across the UK, documenting my journey and hopefully inspiring change
  • When? As soon as possible

A Little About Me

My name is Brad ‘MrShoeShineMan’ Rumble, I am a self taught artist, graphic designer, illustrator and toy maker. I have a condition, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), which creates a multitude of thought processes that lead to emotional instability.  This results in depression, anxiety, difficulty maintaining interpersonal relationships and a multitude of other conditions. My diagnosis left me thinking I was crazy so I would write off alot of my emotions as 'crazy' rather than approach them thinking 'this is a natural response for everyone' and deal with it in the correct way.
I spent a long time learning the intricacies of the human psyche in order to put a harness on the instability and begin my journey of selling my art and helping others. What allowed me to change my perception of the world was the realisation that BPD is a 'learned' condition, which basically means certain events that occur through childhood development lead to a conditioning of behaviour that permeates into adulthood. With this in mind I knew I could relearn how my emotional state was determined by my physiology ie the conditioning that occurred through the developing years. I now believe the time is right for me to spread the ideas and academia that lead me to overcome most of the issues caused by BPD. I plan to do this by travelling full time, living in a converted Ford Transit Camper van and visiting youth groups, social enterprises for artists, galleries, shops, conventions and fairs. 

 My visual language is one of strange, gutteral imagery, often utilising colours in the neon spectrum to create a contrast to what our eyes are used to perceiving (a metaphor I don't often impart on the viewer) and wrinkles to challenge the beauty standard of airbrushed magazine covers. I am a punk at heart and always try to highlight the issues I see within society through my music, poetry and art. 

I hope to inspire anyone who suffers from mental health problems and anyone feeling lost, like they don't know what they want to do with their life, to stand tall and proud of themselves and as a survivor of suicide attempts, self-harm and alcohol abuse I find it my responsibility to pass on my message. It is difficult for me to keep that information there as it is just raw information, but I know they are problems affecting so many people and we should all feel comfortable being open about these unhealthy coping mechanisms, by talking about them we open ourselves up to other ways of thinking and perceiving events that cause so much dismay. I have studied anthropology, social sciences, psychology, the quantified self, metacognition and a multitude of other applicable techniques to improve my health and mental wellbeing over the course of 6 years. I have tried to get back into traditional work, but due to the continuing stigma surrounding mental health problems it has been a yearly struggle, so I embraced my creative side and got to a point where I feel comfortable sharing my work with the masses, I feel proud of what I have learnt and achieved in this time. The contrast between how I used to feel in the worst moments compared to how I have felt for the past 2-3 years on a daily basis is so dramatic that I feel it is my duty to pass this on to others and hopefully inspire a learning process that can lead to success. I just need a little help getting started.


What Is My Project About?

Unfortunately due to government cuts I have to move out of my home and thought that this would be a great time to work towards achieving my ultimate dream of being a travelling artist, designer and motivational speaker. Seeking inspiration from local people on my travels and getting into as many communities as possible to share my ideas. I intend to hold workshops on alternative lifestyles, mindfulness, art tutorials etc with people all across the UK, Europe and the internet. I will post updates, blogs, free downloads, merchandise and much more through my website and social media channels, as I begin and continue my journey. I have already been involved in local live arts events and shared my ideas with Thurrock Arts Collective, John Gathercoles Great Artistic Showcase and Showdown, Thurrock Arts Trail, Love Grays, The Hardie Park Project which are all helping out the local area, charities and vulnerable people. I think it is time to take my message on the road.

I have several friends who travel and sell art on the road and they have inspired me to start this dream. I never really thought I would be able to do it until I spoke to them and I thank them for showing me this alternative lifestyle. I believe my goal is a modest one that will allow me to get the bare bones required. I have already saved up some money, but that will all be going towards the van, which will be a Ford Transit LWB Hi-top (so I don't give myself concussion everyday when standing up). The bare bones will consist of a bed, storage, power, lighting, kitchen and water/waste management, this fund is to help towards those costs. 
My project will be unique in the sense that you will get tangible items for your donations. The glory of having to downsize is that I also have alot of creations and items I won't need that I will be happy to let go to those making donations. Also for those interested in meeting me I will be on the road and may end up in your town for a meetup and what not, no matter what size donation you make the fact you are willing to help someone out is incredible. These items include paintings, prints, an airbrush kit, stickers, furniture, technology, custom keyrings, custom toy blanks, art toys, designer toys, comics, graphic novels, books, digital wallpaper etc. 

So with all that in mind I ask you to help towards this lifelong dream by making a donation towards my goal and if you would like to follow my journey feel free to send me a message for further details on how to follow me.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story and I look forward to sharing my journey with you

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