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MRoyal Studios is community based media hub for young people and adults to have a place to rehearse and create content and music.

by Miyako-Jazzmin Aiko-Murray in London, England, United Kingdom

Hey everyone!

About me: 

My name is Miyako Aiko-Murray, I am 20 years old and I’m currently starting up my own media hub business called MRoyal Studios which will be for young people and adults to have a safe comfortable to rehearse, create and record content and music in shoreditch, east London. I am also a solo musician myself and was self taught to play instruments.

My Story:

In august 2018, I caught a rare eye condition called “ Ancathamoeba Keratitis” which has left me hardly no vision in my right eye. It was really such a dreadful year for me as I lost my job due to my medical condition and had no choice but to stop studying. I lost all hope and was in complete darkness. Since then it made me have really bad social anxiety and left me depressed as it was so painful and had forced me stop doing the most of the things I love. Last year February 2019 I met someone who inspired me into getting back into music and to not let this condition from stopping from doing what I loved. As I gradually started to singing and playing guitar again I finally overcame depression and eventually getting back on my feet even with no vision. In September 2019 my Acanthamoeba was finally announced stabled besides that Music saved me. On the more positive note I am also now using my platform in setting up a charity also called “ The AKA Foundation” for patients and survivors like me to help others like me with there journey and road to recovery with Acanthamoeba keratitis. It doesn’t only effect people physically but mentally and emotionally too.

MRoyal Studios

 I always had a dream of having my business venture in building my own recording studios for producers, sound engineers and music artists , rehearsal rooms for solo musicians and bands, podcast rooms for podcasters and DJ booths for  DJ’s, etc. I thought now is the best time to start as there are loads of upcoming and talented artists and creators who will need more spaces to chase there dreams too. This will not only be a profitable business but I want inspire other young people, women especially like me that you can do what ever you want to put your mind to it. I want welcome everyone equally to my studios and not to feel left it as every young person or adult will be treated the same way.


The money raised will help to buy capital and assets for the company. Also to create a amazing modern website and market out my business to my community and in the uk. Each rehearsal room and studio will be secured and soundproofed with updated studio equipment, Backline and instruments on sight so no need to bring your own to the studios.  There will also be live recording feature if necessary in all rooms. Amazing sound systems and a recording booths. The podcast rooms will help upcoming radio presenters, podcasters even YouTubers a place to record and upload content for there channels and stations. There will also be a DJ booth with pioneer set so DJ’s can record mixes for shows and music platforms. I will love to have also lounge area were there allowed to have breaks and also snack machine provided. It will also include my own office as I will be observe the studios at all times and a storage facility for extra equipment/instruments to be stored. There will also be a rental feature we’re musicians who cannot afford instruments are able to take home at affordable price for shows, gigs or even to rehearse under an agreement. I once didn’t have the funds to afford my own so I can 100% relate to others. I will also love to set up  live shows and events to all my clients and customers who rehearse at my studios to perform to showcase talents and enter competition’s to win prizes to help them along with there future.


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