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Short Student Film. Thriller. Revenge killing after an old man murders a mothers daughter accidentally.

by Callum Frame in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Horror/thriller about a paedophile. MR JEFFRIES, an elderly man, has sexually abused & murdered a little girl. We open with MR JEFFRIES being stalked. Audio of the murder he has just committed playing over the scene. MR JEFFRIES returns home, packing a suitcase ready to flee the country. Leaving his house he stopped in his tracks by a mysterious figure. The two characters are locked in a confrontation, where upon it is revealed that the stranger is the mother of the little girl MR JEFFRIES has murdered. Who discovered the video camera MR JEFFRIES left in her daughters room. After a brief argument, the mother snaps. Charging at MR JEFFRIES, stabbing him in his side. MR JEFFRIES collapses on the ground, in extreme pain. Video tapes fall out of his pocket, each labelled with girls names handwritten on the side.  The mother, in blind rage, then continues to repeatedly stab him in the stomach. As MR JEFFRIES is buckled over in pain, clutching his wounds. The mother leaves him for dead, bleeding out.


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