MPs have a Duty to Uphold the Law

by Uphold The Law in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

MPs have a Duty to Uphold the Law


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MPs voted yesterday to break the law. That was a grave breach of their Code of Conduct. We ask the Speaker to remove them from Parliament

by Uphold The Law in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Democracy is arguably built on the Rule of Law. The current Prime Minister Mr Johnson is a known liar , but he has now asked his MPs to vote to break the law. Yesterday a large number of Mr Johnson's MPs voted to break the law, in breach of Article III.5. of their Code of Conduct. 

It is not appropriate for the UK to have unethical Members of Parliament who vote to break the law, and there is a mechanism whereby the Speaker can begin a process to remove such Members from our Parliament.  We have created a website which names all of the MPs who have voted to break the law : . We will formally ask the Speaker to remove these offending MPs, but early correspondence suggests that he will refuse. Informal initial legal advice is that we may be able to begin proceedings, the aim of which will be to require the Speaker to open Recall Petitions for all MPs who voted yesterday ( 14th Sept 2020 ) to break the law. We now need a legal opinion to back up our informal advice, and that is the reason for this crowdfunding campaign. 

Let's make 'MPs have a Duty to Uphold the Law' happen

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