Moyses Mission The Next Goal!

Raise funds towards a player for the January transfer window.Next stop the Football League.

We did it!

On 14th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £2,680 of £1 target with 87 supporters in 49 days

Project aim

Raise funds for a player for the January window.

About the project

After the last project, and it more than acheived its aims, we signed Callum Howe out of the successful crowd funder.

This one is aimed at the future and thats what we need to do,the past is the past but we can try as fans to change things for the better.

What better way than to raise the funds for a player in the January window.

This is our Next Goal as this is the season we need to make the Great Escape from this league.

We all want success as fans, we can make that difference.

It's time to beleive in the Imps again.


Up the Imps!

#MoysesMission #TeamLincoln


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