Moving On
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of the project is to encourage people who have disabilities to enjoy the countryside, and to meet other people in social situations.

by Sylvia Taylor in Golborne, England, United Kingdom

Since my mobility became worse, it's had a knock on effect in that the depression has sneaked in the back door again. I have been countering this by taking still and video cameras out on dog walks, to record a video diary telling how I feel, describing what's around me, and whether there's somewhere good to enjoy a cuppa!

It then occurred to me that many other people are in the same place as me, and if I can find enthusiasm for getting out and about in spite of my health, perhaps other people can be encouraged to discover the outdoors.

The project will involve interviewing disabled people and getting their ideas, promoting schemes that disabled people can become involved in, and highlighting support and respite for their families.

I have done the ground work for this, and I'm setting up a You Tube channel for my broadcasts. I am also asking people to send me DV footage of how they get around in the outdoors and which places are their go-to "happy spots." An interactive experience.

The funding sought is to cover travel costs further afield to respond to participants in this project, and to print fact sheets that can be given to people who can't use the internet for some reason.

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