Help us move to Ireland

Help us move to Ireland

To help Connie and Martin move to Ireland, and keep his cancer at bay.

We did it!

On 27th May 2017 we successfully raised £130 with 2 supporters in 21 days

My wife Connie and I are making  some massive changes in our lives. Due to my Cancer, which I have beaten, I am forced to try and build a new life. We do miss each other so much and know that we can better serve humanity with the work that we do if we are together. This project is to raise the funds to be able to move our stuff and Connie herself over to Ireland.

We need a shipping container. We are leaving behind a beautiful daughter  and 3 amazing granddaughters. I've only seen my baby girls twice in 2 1/2 yrs and haven't met the 3rd one yet. We are very sad to have to leave them, but I need continued access to medical care when neccessary. Every day is a battle for me and I am now exhibiting the longer term side effects of the chemo, and the radiation that I received in my treatment. I haven't put out there the many struggles I face every day, and at the same time doing what I can to keep the cancer from coming back. Connie and I deserve a chance to really make things work in our lives and to be able to do this, we NEED to be together again! It's been way too long since we have lived together. This project would help us out tremendously and take the pressure off of both of us so we can focus on staying healthy.

Thank you all in advance, even the ones that can only share their good vibes and great wishes. We love you all.

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