Move to family

Move to family

I want to move close to family and friends, me and my 3 year old daughter, have been moved to a area where we dont know anybody at all

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On 23rd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £3 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Project aim

8Almost 3 years ago I was in a very violent relationship, my daughter was only young at the time. We managed to leave, but then had to go in to a refuge. We have since been in 3 different Refuge's and had to start from scratch several times, we lost everything including toys, clothes. I have struggled with depression due to my experience. Anyway we are currently living in property, we have no friends, no family around us and are feeling very isolated. My daughter is 3years old and she does 2days in Nursery. I dont drive, so have to rely on Public Transport, which isnt great in this area. This makes is very hard for me to get a job. So I remain on a very low income. My father recently suffered a heart attack and is still in hospital having test. I cant afford to visit him. It worries me that is he gets worse we may not get to say our goodbyes or if something should happen to me and have to remain in hospital, what will happen to my daughter with nobody close to look after her. We are wanting to move closer to our family. Where I can get help with childcare, in order to gain myself a job. Also with my family around me and with their support (emotional and physical), I am hoping to beat this depression finally. The money I am hoping to raise will help me and my daughter sucure ourselves a property closer to family 

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