Movie for Edinburgh Film Festival GOOD BYE VICTORA

by Alberto Molina in University Of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

Movie for Edinburgh Film Festival GOOD BYE VICTORA
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Good Bye Victoria is a romantic comedy for the Edinburgh Film Festival. It is based in the City of Stirling and Stirling University.

by Alberto Molina in University Of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom


My name is Alberto Molina, I have been living in Stirling for more than three years. I am an amateur and passionate script writer and actor who has already done his own theatre play which was performed with me as starring role at the Macrobert Arts Centre at the University of Stirling. This time, my aim is to make my own movie. My team and I are making a film to be submitted to the Edinburgh Film Festival with the aim of this production to be shown in Edinburgh cinemas this August. The movie is a romantic comedy about a Spanish young man called Alfonso who works at the University of Stirling Library and who lives in a flat with two university students in their last year. These are a true Scotsman from Glasgow and a posh young Englishman from Brighton who have discussions all the time. Alfonso falls in love with an American girl he meets while working at the library who is doing an Erasmus at Stirling. He realizes that she is the most important part of his empty life and decides to save money until he can afford a ticket to America.


The movie is going to be filmed in the City of Stirling and at Stirling University. As the movie is made to be shown in a film festival, we thought this would be a great opportunity to promote Stirling and the University. The movie will show the beauty of our city and its different attractions such as the Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle, and a number of streets, the train station and also the hills that surround it. It will also contribute to the local economy of Stirling as we will be filming in different restaurants and pubs as well. Within the University, facilities such as the library, the cinema, the theatre and our beautiful campus will be shown.


Even though this is a low-budget movie, we do need some money to cover the basic expenses such as equipment, costumes, payments to the places where we film and the submission fee. We are not looking for a lot of money but just a small contribution to help us running the costs. As I said before, we believe that this could be a great investment for the city and the University as more people around Scotland and even the world, would know what Stirling can offer.


We will start filming on the week commencing on the 24th of September. Our director, Ross Provan, is a Film and Media Student at the University who has already filmed a number of productions including his own short movie. Even though the actors are amateur, we are all experienced and we are working together to make a great job.

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