Movement/Architecture has been invited to Italy for C'e La Luna's Shifting Landscapes residency. Help us get there!

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Beautfiul Confusion Collective's Movement/Architecture has been selected to be part of C'E LA LUNA'S 2017 Shifting Landscapes residency programme. Please read on to learn more about the project, our destination and how you can help us get there. 

So what exactly is Movement/Architecture?

Movement/Architecture is an interdisciplinary performance project involving dance, moving image, photography and sound art. At its core is a search to discover how a performer can map and store architectural spaces within the moving body in such a way that she can evoke the architectural features and ambience of specific spaces for a spectator who has never seen them. 

We developed this strand of work doing a two year residency at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre. Hornsey Town Hall is an art deco town hall in North London. For the past two and a half years, it’s been running as an arts centre, but on an interim basis. Those of us who’ve been working in the building have always known we would be leaving sooner or later, as restoration and development of the building gets underway. Which prompts a question - how do we keep hold of spaces - keep moving through them - when they’re lost or at risk due to dereliction, gentrification or human destruction. How might the body be capable of interrupting this process by creating a physical, transmittable, living archive?

Movement/Architecture is a methodology for exploring these questions through the close collaboration of human body and built environment.

Who are we? 
Beautiful Confusion Collective makes international, interdisciplinary performance inspired by the body and the socio-cultural terrains through which it moves. The Movement/Architecture project includes regular collaborators artistic director Becka McFadden, dramaturg Mary Ann Hushlak, photographer and film maker Andrew Mc Gibbon, and documentary photographer Paul Wade and has also allowed us to bring new artists into the process, including performers Sílvia Almeida and Alicia Cubells and movement director and practical choreologist Sylvie Robaldo.

What’s Next?
In Autumn 2016, we held an initial r&d period in Hornsey Town Hall with support from Arts Council England. This resulted in a live work demonstration as well as the photography, video and sound you’re seeing in this campaign

We’re extremely pleased to have been selected for C’E LA LUNA’s Shifting Landscapes residency in Pizzo, Calabria, Southern Italy. This residency will give us two weeks to work in a semi-abandoned art deco cinema, where we can refine our site-specific methodology and experiment with how we create environment and compose performance with the material we’ve generated at the Town Hall. We’ll also get a chance to share that material with local audiences.

Why Should You Support Us?
We believe Movement/Architecture has the capacity to make a strong and specific contribution to site-specific practice with ramifications beyond the performing arts. We’re interested in the body’s role in architectural design, heritage practice and conservation and are actively seeking collaboration with individuals working in those fields. This two week period of concentrated work is essential to allow for us to take this project to the next level.

Beautiful Confusion is London-based, but proudly and resolutely international. The Movement/Architecture team holds 7 different passports between us. As such, we fall into some funding gaps. By supporting us, you’ll not only be investing in our work, but ensuring that contemporary performance and art making remains international and mobile at a time when national boundaries seem intent on asserting themselves ever more forcibly.

We’ve put together a package of rewards to share our practice with you. Prints by Andrew McGibbon and Paul Wade are on offer (click the name to view) as are opportunities to work with us on a creative project of your choice. We hope you’ll consider supporting us by making a donation or helping us to get the word out. And if you're interested in our work - please do reach out, we'd love to chat. Many thanks!

Beautiful Confusion Collective


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