Move it on - Charity to help people in East Anglia

by Paul Hector in King's Lynn, England, United Kingdom

Move it on - Charity to help people in East Anglia
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim is to set up a small charity in East Anglia to help people only once. We all deserve a second chance. many years I was given that.

by Paul Hector in King's Lynn, England, United Kingdom

Many years ago a close friend help me. They have never asked or used that act in any form of lever in my life, but  gave help without any strings. As I come to retirement I would like to look at seeing if setting up a charity that is similar in the USA, to help people once like l was. The phrase " Move it On" - is just that - moving on a  kind gesture of help to someone who really needs it (I think we all have had at least one act of kindness that is a change movement in our lives ). I have no experience of setting a charity or a small call centre up - or the funding to initially help people in changing their lives. I understand communications as that has been my life on a global scale for the past 22 years ( I was a copper in London before that). I have no idea if this process will help, but if anyone reading this has a had a similar hand of help and wants to move that act on on to setting this charity up, I will do all I can to ensure those donations are moved onto others that really need it.

Let's make 'Move it on - Charity to help people in East Anglia' happen