Mountain Marmosets In-situ Actions Fund

by MMCP-Advocates in Petrópolis, Brazil

Mountain Marmosets In-situ Actions Fund


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In-situ conservation actions urgently need funding to save two highly threatened species in the wild, help to save the Mountain Marmosets!

by MMCP-Advocates in Petrópolis, Brazil

Give this grass-roots conservation team a chance to inspire a city to lead the way in saving a species!

This is a Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program Advocates appeal for funding a grass-roots conservation team in south-eastern Brazil.

The Buffy tufted-ear marmoset, Callithrix aurita (acknowledged as one of the Top 25 Most Endangered Primates in the World) has gained big interest and concern in the City of Petrópolis and a nearby protected area is currently hosting the very FIRST pilot project to find ways to protect the species from the catastrophic levels of invasive species. This is big news and a massive step in the right direction, but the team needs extra funding to kickstart and progress this golden opportunity!

Funding is urgently needed, they need to:

  • Buy equipment for researchers to track and monitor the family groups that form part of the study of interactions with invasive marmoset species
  • The program coordinator needs to fund 4 researchers with a stipend allowance to safeguard progress while funding applications are progressed (gritted teeth at the slowness of these!)
  • They need to fund the costs of the team calling important conservation planning meetings and environmental education sessions at public events... leaflets and some banners need to be printed...

Primary threat - CATASTROPHIC LEVELS OF INVASIVE MARMOSET SPECIES are rife throughout south-eastern Brazil

Money is a scarce commodity in Brazil (unless you are one of the richest 10% hogging 43% of the countries income (NSI)), funding and donations go a long way, please, support this grass-root hardworking team to cement relationships and secure a multi-stakeholder approach. 

USEFUL TO KNOW: You will also be helping to save another important and highly threatened primate species as the lessons currently being learned and documented will create the blueprint for conserving the buffy headed marmoset (Callithrix flaviceps).


What’s the problem… and why it took 5 years to gain a golden opportunity?

Solving the exponential growth of invasive marmoset species hybridizing with an endangered marmoset hasn't been a welcome subject, 'protected areas' seemed to discount invasive marmosets as a problem and early in 2019 the conservation program coordinator was at an all-time low, how do you save a species without any 'safe habitat'!?! 

Just as the frustration and worry threatened to overwhelm Rodrigo Salles de Carvalho a glimmer of light appeared, perhaps over 5 years of urging urgent action and persistently delivering upbeat and positive environmental education the real work could finally start, perhaps they had made a breakthrough...

Indeed they had, and what an amazing opportunity, after a five-year struggle to find a manager of a protected area willing to support the process of running a pilot project (accommodating research, discuss and develop strategies to manage and resolve the catastrophic levels of invasive marmoset species) this fantastic news was then followed up in December 2019 by a dream combination! The pilot project lies within the Municipality where a Petropolis Councilman and the Education Secretary showed considerable interest and support for the conservation program. Following many meetings and presentations, the Mayor agreed with the conservation team and in December 2019 he passed a law making the research and progression of saving this species an agreed and supported objective!

This landmark opportunity has taken massive amounts of effort in public relations and environmental education (and many tears of frustration along the way!) 

Donations from this crowdfunding campaign are deposited in a UK not-for-profit Treasurers Account held by the Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program Advocate Group. All monies received from this campaign will go directly to the NGO PREA who leads the conservation program for use in the ring-fenced 'In-situ Conservation Actions Fund'.

Want to talk to find out more... message Sally or Rodrigo directly via the website

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