Mount Hawke Skate Park Re-build

To redesign and improve the ramps at leading indoor skate park ensuring the venue continues to attract the UKs top riders and new user's.

We did it!

On 29th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £3,055 with 28 supporters in 28 days


We are crowdfunding to update the ramps and skate park area to ensure the core business of the Mount Hawke Youth Group continues to attract the top riders from the world of skate, BMX, scooting and inline whilst encouraging more people to participate in the sports.

Mount Hawke has been totally self funding for over a decade but today we need a little extra help this time to get the ramps to a level which is now expected of us and ensures Cornwall continues to have a venue its proud of!


History of Mount Hawke Youth Group

Mount hawke started in 1982 as a small Village Youth Group by Deanna Bullivant, a local Youth worker. In 1988 fives acres of land was donated by South West Water for the development of the SK8 Project. In 1990 a determined group of young people built the first outside ramp quickly followed by others. Due to its popularity in 1997 funding was awarded to build a 'barn-like' structure over the existing ramps making it an indoor, all weather facility. Further grants in 2004 saw the extension built which is now the social area, community space and music studio.

The pride and sense of achievement that the young people and local community have in their project has been validated to the extent the facility has gained national and international recognition as one of the best skate parks in the Country.


(plans above still to be confirmed - USER Forum meeting 21st July 7pm - have your say)

Why it was built

It was originally built to satisfy the needs of the local youth which is still generally true of today. The area we now cover is much greater and the projects we intend to carry out involve many more people. Despite its beautiful location, Cornwall is regarded as one of Europes most deprived areas with limited job opportunities and low income, this is why keeping the park accessible to everyone is so important. 

" Its great to see the place still pushing forward , I remember sleeping under ramps when it was outside " - Stu Titmus


Who uses Mount Hawke?

The skate park has a footfall of over 45,000 visits per year with the local people within a 30 mile radius using it the most. Mount Hawke is also a destinational venue on the UK scene hosting national qualifiers and finals in skate, BMX and scootering for professional riders and a attraction for those visiting the county.

Mount Hawke offers free skate and BMX coaching sessions to introduce people to the sports and run "the challenges" to promote progression, there are also specific sessions and nights ie, SWITCH (girls only) and The LayBack Sessions (old codgers!!)

"Mount Hawke have been incredibly supportive in promoting girls in skating with their SWITCH nights which we will be collaborating with them next winter" - Sadie, Skate Girls Productions


Famous faces who have visited...

" I love coming down to Mount Hawke and seeing how they encourage young riders" - Zac Shaw , Vert BMX

Mount Hawke has had some of the biggest names come through its doors , these include Simon Tabron (BMX X Games winner) Rodney Mullen (skate legend) Marc Johnson (US skate pro) Eric Koston (US skate pro) Zac Shaw (UK BMX vert legend) Paul Rodriquez (US skate pro) Tim March (UK BMX) Harry Main (BMX) Cory Martinez (US BMX pro) ...... as well as some local home grown talent such as Stu Titmus (skate) Leo & Jody Smith (skate) Kye & Leo Forte (BMX) Martyn Tambling (BMX) Sam Bosworth (X Games am winner) Jake Anderson (UK Vert Series winner) Tom Isted (BMX) and Matt Perham And Mark Theaker who run our skate & BMX clubs respectively.

" I enjoy volunteering my time at Hawke running the Skate Challenges - it rewarding seeing the progression of young skaters and the future is looking promising for the Kernow Skate scene " Matt Perham, local legend



Why do people use Mount Hawke?

The popularity of skate, BMX and scootering is ever increasing and reaching more segments of the community. Mount Hawke prides itself on being accessible to everyone and offers heavily subsidised rates of entry compared to other parks across the country and even other local facilities.

"I've been bringing both my son & daughter to Mount Hawke for 3 years , as a parent I know they are in a safe environment rather than being out on the streets. I believe its a very positive place for a young person to spend time, cant recommend it enough" - One Happy Parent


Why do people love Mount Hawke?

There is a real sense of community and pride when you walk into Mount Hawke with the heritage of the park clearly on display everywhere you look. Many of the staff and volunteers have been here for a number of years, first coming here as a young person and now bringing their own families to enjoy the ramps.

The community room is offered 'free of charge' and supports other local groups where possible.

Mount Hawke has recently started to offer its mobile ramps for supporting projects that will bring several outside skate parks to the county and see's its role as the hub of the scene pivotal in the future.

" Mount Hawke helped us raise funds and awareness for the outside skate park planned for Falmouth - they have a much bigger outlook to help the scene across the County with Hawke being the hub" - Alex Brennen, Falmouth Skate Park Chairperson


Impact on the local community

"a fantastic venue that promotes a sense of pride and community" - Diana Rodda, local Parish Councillor

The park currently employs several local people and has a policy at supporting local shops and suppliers where possible. Young people and volunteers are given opportunities to train and gain experience in a vareity of skills.

The park has a recently converted a space into a 'free of charge' community room allowing local groups to benefit from the facilities as well as acheiving support to up-grade its music room.



What makes it different?

"its great that Mount Hawke supports a number of local businesses including ourselves" Tom @ROOTS Skate Shop

Over 30 years experience gives Mount Hawke a very unique feel  which is evident as soon as people walk through the door - it has a history of supporting young people and the community. 

Because it is run as a 'not for profit' charity, the USERs benefit from heavily reduced rates and the knowledge that additional funds will go back into the development of the facilities.

" there arent many venues that I can think off where, as a parent, you are encouraged to join in and share the ramps with your kid - Lumox Lawton, Cornwall Rugby



Why does it need up-grading?

To remain at the current level the park aims to have a major re-design every 3-4 yrs - if the core business is working well it allows Mount Hawke to concentrate on other community projects and support more people .

...Mount Hawke has been totally self funding for over 10 years but with what we hope to acheive this time we need a little extra help...


What are the expected changes?

See for yourself!

(plans above still to be confirmed - USER Forum meeting 14th July 7pm - have your say)

The range of changes are slightly dependent on the success of the campaign. We have held regular USER Forum meetings and listen to the views of the people who use the place. They have asked for many things but priorities are more flow in the design lay-out, large indoor bowl and resi ramps.


Who are FourOneFour?

" we enjoy every time we work with Mount Hawke who listen and respond to riders views" - Shaun Scarfe, FourOneFour

These are one of the best skate park design companies on the market right now creating parks across Europe delivering pop up Parks, and ramps for festivals such as NASS. They have a healthy mix of skate & BMX riders who ensure the final creation appeals to all abilities and disciplines.


How will the new park impact the community?

New ramps will make the Park busier allowing us to employ more people and engage further across the county with schools & groups. As peviously mentioned it is hoped that Mount Hawke becomes a hub for all the Cornish parks ensuring the facilities are maintained and attract people to the County.

"at the heart of the Mount hawke Youth Group are the ramps, everyone knows if the ramps are right, people will support the place and further opportunities are more likely to come from it" - Loic Rich , Truro Mayor



Pledge your support today and join the Mount Hawke community!

It's going to be a wild ride!

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