Motorcycle travel London - Chicago - Los Angeles

Motorcycle travel London - Chicago - Los Angeles

I need to cargo my bike from EU to USA Chicago. Also there is a budget for flight, motorcycle maintenance, food, motels, petrol etc.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello, my name is Sandors Samarskis and I’m a 36 y.o. biker. My first ride on a motorbike was in 1986 when I was only 5 year old. It was old made in USSR bike Riga 13. but for me it was my first love. Since then my life was all around motorcycles. I was fixing them for others, I was tuning up mine etc. And of course I was riding on them all the time. Most of my life I live in my home land Latvia, and we have a winter with snow almost 5 month in a year, but that didn’t stop me. I use to ride in a snowy conditions on a frozen lakes and rivers. Riding a motorcycle is my passion and lifestyle. In year 2007 I move to UK, and that for me as a biker was a glory moment, because I can ride all year round without snow and -30’C temperature. I am riding a lot and far. I travel on my bike to the countries like UK, France, Belgium, Nederland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Check republic, Slovenia, Russia and Ukraine. For last 5 years I’m traveling on my Honda nt 700 Deauville.  

I’m a founder of a motorcycle movement “motolife org” what is helping young motorcycle riders in all the way we can. We are giving advice what to take in a journeys and camping’s, filming small videos for sharing with friends etc. Last year a students from Oxford college contact me, and shot a small video of me for their project, where I told that my dream and next plan is to travel through USA, from Chicago to Los Angeles via Rote 66  and take a video of my journey. I have a friends in a Latvian National television who will help me with scenario and introduce me with their creative team “Openminded group” who will help me to shoot a video in a 3 different languages English, Latvian and Russian. So, here I am. Experienced biker, who can and want to do it. But I need a financial help.

For better quality of my videos I need a new cameras. My 3y.o. Sony is good for home video, but not for a big project like this what will be on TV.

I need to cargo my bike from EU to USA Chicago.

Also there is a budget for flight, motorcycle maintenance, food, motels, petrol etc. 

So approximately sum what I need for my journey including motorcycle cargo to USA and a money for filmmakers  is 15000 euro.

I will be happy of any kind of help.  Of course, your help will be displayed in movie titles, there will be banners with your logo  on my bike and safety gear. Also its possible to make ads of your product  in to our movie scenario.

Thank you for your time and with hopes of our future cooperation.

Sandors Samarskis

Motolife org