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Thank you for having a look, and some of you may know what I already do...........for those of who don't you are about to.

You will be pleased to hear I produce MotorBike Adventure films, and also produce digital guides for various areas of the UK.

Last year I was invited to go on a tour of Rajasthan in India and produced a short book about my experiences which was very well recived - here's the link...... where you can read my story along with viewing daily videos, and this will enable you to judge my work, and below is the new front cover idea for this next adventure..........

Bringing to you............

1. Exploring the age old Arts, Crafts and Traditions Performing Arts: We would be experiencing few traditional performing arts like 'Kathakkali' from Kerala. We will be visiting the Artists to understand their side of the story. Also on the cards are some of the contemporary Artists and theatre forms.  Crafts: We will be visiting few last generation craftsmen who are keeping the craft alive, after them the craft will be lost forever. Also a visit to few thriving craft communities and educational qualification institutes which are breathing new life to  dying crafts.

2. Famous Monuments and Places: Taj Mahal, Erotic Temples of Khajuraho, Hampi, Minaxi temple, Vivekanand Point (the southernmost tip of India),  a lot of Forts and Palaces and many more such monuments.

3. Wildlife: Various wildlife centuries of India dedicated to individual and endangered species such as Tigers (there are only 1400 of them left in the world), Bears Leopards, Elephants, Various Birds, Reptiles and many more.

3. A peek into the daily life of common Indian Man: We will invited into people's homes to experience their lifestyle.

4. Food: Exploring the age old food culture of various states. Understanding how the eating habits and food has evolved. Eating at landmark and century old places.

5. Terrain: Exploring western ghats, the most dense semi rain forest, The Desert (deeper this time), Majority of the coast line of India, Waterfalls, A couple of beaches)

You will, I'm sure, not be surprised to hear that India is absolutely amazing with it's diversity of cultures, history, heritage and simply wonderful people.

The country and it's people have been taken to my heart, and as such there has been a plan put in place to go back and bring MORE of India to you, the real India, the India off the beaten track..........not your tourist routes but deeper into the India that will absolutely amaze you.

How will this be done...........well, it will again be done by travelling for approximately 60 covering the locations on the map below, BUT this time under my own steam, taking time to film, gather stories, take photographs capturing memories to last a lifetime, having you on the edge of your seat wanting to discover & explore as you ride with me on the journey.

india route map

This adventure journey will be bringing India to your screen and eyes through daily videos and stories that will be produced as a fully interactive digital book, that WILL have with it its own Full Feature Film

So not only will you be able to transport yourself through the pages and pages of stories, but also be able to see, first hand, through my films, exactly what the areas to be visited are really like....... a no holds barred documentry.

By going through the link above and viewing the films in the Rajasthan guide you will see my style of filming, but also be able to read my style of writing.

WHY am I asking for funding.......that is the biggest question no doubt

WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU............

Allow me to explain please..........

The funding will enable me to travel for approximately 60 around central and southern India, filming, photographing and picking up stories every day, to bring this amazing country to you.

Then you have rule of thumb which says for every day filming there is 2 days of editing to make sure you get to see a film that captures your imagination.

This is no easy task but if you would love to see places of India off the beaten track, to discover the various cultures never seen before, in depth, to explore with me the absolutely amazing history & heritage which may also inspire you, with the written word, along with a personal documentary film from skills picked up over many years then.........

Supporting this venture will bring to you something that nobody has done before, and whilst the mode of transport is a Motorbike..............the filming, stories and photographs will have you screaming for more..........

PLUS of course there is the interactive digital book, and the production of the full feature film, that the full editions will be sent to you personally, along with so much more to say thank you and you will also get a personally signed T Shirt unique to this a personal gift from deepest India, that is totally unique in the whole world.......

Please support this venture and at the end of it all if you think the productions have failed live up to your expectations I will personally return all of your money 100% 

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