Motocross Track Finder app for iPhone

Motocross Track Finder app for iPhone

Tired of getting lost trying to find your way to the meet? TFMX is an app designed to put an end to your problems.

We did it!

On 26th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

I have often been frustrated when trying to locate a motocross track by postcode in the UK.  Normally, the tracks are in a farmers field and the postcode is an approximation of where the track is located.  This isn't helped by internet satellite images of the area don't always show up to date pictures to help you locate the field.

This new app is designed to rectify that issue, the aim is to have all UK tracks listed in the app, and location data down to its latitude and longitude listed, there will be a button to help you navigate to the app using Apple Maps with pin point accuracy.

Other features will include track details, facilities on site, distance from current location, I also plan to put in a rating system so you can let others know what you think about that particular track.

The App will be fully searchable and available on various releases of iPhone and iPad.  Exactly which is yet to be determined.

Since starting the development on this app, it has become apparent there are costs involved, including being able to submit to the app store, as well as hosting costs and time to develop as well.

I have set my target relatively low, and I hope you will join me in bringing this app to life with your donations.

Thank you for reading and supporting me on this journey.

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