Motivational Mayhem

by Henry Rees in Chester, England, United Kingdom

Motivational Mayhem
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To help children of all backgrounds to deal with bullying & low self esteem & grow in confidence by self publishing a book to fund seminars

by Henry Rees in Chester, England, United Kingdom

Beat Bullying in Schools

Bullying in schools, children feeling undervalued and that they don't matter int his world. The low self asteam and all because someone doesn't like the way they dress, the hair style or the way someone speaks. Should an innocent child in the 21st Centuary really be made to feel this way, as if they don't fit in and they would be better off not on the Earth. The grim reality is that children are taking their own lives due to a bullying culture that has manifested itself in schools even more so over the last 20 years, It's time that something was done to help every children that needs to feel important and that they all belong here.

I spoke to a 12 year ol child recently who was ready to quit on life. His mum had died suddenly and with his father working away he had to live with grandparents. Not wanting sympathy or to be pitied he kept it from his class mates but was betrayed by a "close" friend who told others about it. For 18 months he had his mum's death thrown at him everyday, he was called "orphan boy" he was told his mum hated him so much that she couldn't stand to bring him up anymore and died to get out of doing it. Everyday he sunk more and more into himself and felt he had no one left to turn to. The friends he did have he now couldn't trust in case whatever he said was relayed back to the bullies. It wasn't just one bully it was most of his class. I started talking to him and got one maybe 2 words out of him at a time, by the time I had gained his trust I wanted to cry for him and found tears rolling down my face for the situation he found himself in for 18 months on top of the heartache of losing his mum. He was unaware of any action lines he could call, or support groups online as he didn't want it to appear on  his search history for his grandparents to find. The most heart breaking thing about this story is that this little boy and that is all he was, this little boy wasn't an isolated case. Bullying is occurring on a ridiculous scale, children are experiencing it face to face and now online as well in a move that scares most parents. Sadly most people don't know what to do abou it.

So I am currently trying to self publish my first motivational book in order to use proceeds from the sale to help children of various ages. I have been giving talk in local schools on life coaching and motivational matters as well as bullying and respecting each other but I do these talks for free. I would use the proceeds of the book to help us get our message out to other other schools in different areas and hopefully help as many of the next generation coming through our schools system to feel important and special. I would also like to use the profits to build on online space where people can converge, listen to my seminars on these subjects and therefore hitting a wider audience. This would obviously be a free are and all of my services are voluntary.


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