Motivational Conferences

Motivational Conferences

Inspiring people to be transformed through learning and networking. We are driven by three values, 1. Big Ideas, 2. Escalation, 3. Action

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In a bid to improve people's prospects at personal and business levels the Strategy & Marketing Think Tank Forum hosts powerful conferences. In the last 7 months there has been real momentum. As SM2TF is progressing  there are many developments that have taken place, conferences have been hosted, people have been mentored and inspired to take steps to better their prospects. In seeking funding SM2TF hope to achieve the following:

1. Find a conference in Dubai scheduled for 17 - 18 October

2. Produce DvDs to enable more people to access the deliberations

3. Book and deposit for the next conference in UK earmarked for the first quarter of 2018

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