Motivation cube

by focus cube in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

Motivation cube


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We aim to bring motivation, focus and perseverance for those struggling and who feel down and alone. We aim to help our mental state

by focus cube in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

I am only a young man. Barely can afford to do anything. Cant afford a house. But thankfully i still get food i am healthy and what not. Which I appreciate. But i have noticed that more and more people as they work and are in a routine constantly we lose track of what we can achieve instead of going through the motions. Ive noticed going through the motions ends up making just not me but many people fee lonely and lost and have no guidance and focus. Usually it just takes a good video or saying which can get your mood feeling good or your mind focused and knowing we can achieve anything or do any task. This is what i want with my simple idea of a motivational cube sat by your desk or bedside to spur you on everyday with a quote to inspire you and get you going to take the day by the neck and go sleep knowing yeah i fulfilled my potential.

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