Motivated Minds

Motivated Minds

We're raising money to keep Motivated Minds supporting people with their wellbeing. Running many mental health and physical health projects

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Motivated Minds formed as a non-profit CIC three years ago. In that time we have run many vital wellbeing projects in the community for people who slip through the net, or can't find services to suit their needs. Local government funding is drying up, they initally invested in formation of our programmes, however they believe our programmes should be sustaibale which they are often not because the situation of the people we help, such as elderly, teens, and people with mental health barriers.  

We pride ourselves in reaching out and supporting people within the community with various programmes, which include; 

  • Community Christmas - Christmas day festivities, dinner, entertainment and gifts
  • Exercise Buddies - Meeting individuals, or a small groups who would not get out on their own
  • Bridging the GAP - An inter-generational programme for the elderly and teens 
  • Sign posting and mentoring people with mental health barriers
  • Support for parents with children with mental health barriers
  • Social groups - Under 19 LGBTQ+, Youth Clubs, and games clubs for people with social barriers
  • Running campaigns, such as Letters of HOPE.

Each week, we have a number of regulars that attend our programmes, some of which do make small donations based on their affordability. However, the income is not enough to even cover national minimum wage.  

As an example, a mum with three boys on the Autistic Spectrum sort help from us, being at the end of her teather. We went to school meetings with her, and used play therapy to help her sons learn to cope with different situations. The boys bonded quickly to us, and mum has given very positive feedback. Mum, hasn't got money to cover this, and was not offered this support from anywhere else. She has been thrilled, and feels that there is light at the end of a long tunnel.

Please, please help us keep supporting people, a £1 goes a long way!

If we hit the £25,000 target, this will be used to employee a 'Community Wellbeing Activator', and pay for the costs of project resources for at least one year. However, we really believe by putting this role in place, it will not only lead to more people being helped, but will also allow us to apply for more funding, and promote our other services which will set against and continue to support this role in following years. 

All of our accounts are transparent, and audited every year.